11 Boozy Recipes Starring Your Leftover St. Paddy's Day Whiskey

Whiskey isn’t just for drinking anymore. Okay, it’s mostly for drinking — but let’s face it: by the time Saint Patrick’s Day winds down, we’re usually exhausted, hungover, and burnt out on bourbon. Rather than tossing that leftover Jack Daniel’s, we’ll be putting the booze to good use this year with our knockout whiskey recipes. From pudding to barbecue, these dishes are a welcome break from the bottle…just don’t forget to save a sip for the chef. Sláinte!

Image: Local Kitchen

Go-Go Juice

It’s the morning after Saint Patrick’s Day, which means you’re probably nursing a killer hangover. Wake up with Joy the Baker’s Irish coffee, which gets its kick from an ounce of whiskey.

Image: Joy the Baker

Welcome to Good Burger

An American classic meets the Emerald Isle. These whiskey-spiked burgers from Pass the Sushi are the perfect post-Paddy’s Day indulgence.

Image: Pass the Sushi

Hot Stuff

This is no ordinary hot sauce. Whiskey lends The Dabble’s recipe a deep, rich flavor.

Image: The Dabble

Meat & Potatoes

After your St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, a little aspirin isn’t going to cut it. Take a cue from Pineapple and Coconut and prepare to feast on whiskey-soaked chuck roast.

Image: Pineapple and Coconut

Pie Day

An Irish classic, this orange-infused soufflé pie from Hungry Rabbit is light and airy and just the thing after a rowdy night.

Image: Hungry Rabbit

Gird Your Tenderloins

The smoky flavor of rye whiskey mingles with tart apple juice in this pork tenderloin recipe from Jonathan Gayman.

Image: Jonathan Gayman

Steak Dinner

We all know that whiskey is good out of the bottle, but did you know that it makes a killer steak marinade? Pepper shows us how.

Image: Pepper

Truffle PIg

Chocolate. Whiskey. How can you go wrong? Some Kitchen Stories has the scoop.

Image: Some Kitchen Stories

Drunken Cherries

Even if you can barely slur two words together, Local Kitchen’s recipe is foolproof: stir together a boozy simple syrup and pour over pitted cherries. Later, when you’ve sobered up, you can use these delectable fruits in pie or — our favorite — a glorious drunk cherry chicken.

Image: Local Kitchen

Wing It

Chocolate Moosey makes some mean chicken wings, drizzled in whiskey-laced honey barbecue sauce. Say hello to your new favorite drunk food.

Image: Chocolate Moosey

Whip It

When all else fails, make a whiskey whipped cream. Joy the Baker tops her butterscotch pudding with a bourbon chantilly, and it’s the stuff of dreams.

Image: Joy the Baker