'BB18' Has Turned Into 'Everybody Hates Paulie'

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. For a while there, it looked like Paulie Calafiore might have surpassed his younger brother's Big Brother performance by going all the way and ending up as the winner of BB18. But things change quickly on the reality series and Paulie has gone from running the house for almost a month to being the likely target for eviction in the Aug. 18 live episode. As if his fellow houseguests' attitudes towards him weren't enough, it seems that everyone on social media has a disdain for Paulie as well, which is a big shift from earlier in the summer. But what happened to make everyone hate Paulie on Big Brother 18 so much?

A lot of people's opinions of Paulie seem to stem from his attitude. At the beginning of the season, his positivity and outgoing personality made him a quick favorite with the other houseguests, putting him in a position of power to get his targets eliminated early and easily. However, now that he's not on top of the house his personality has started to turn aggressive and caused him to make some alarming — and offensive — comments towards other houseguests. Here are just a few of the standout moments that show how Paulie's behavior has worsened since the start of the season, leading both fans and BB18 contestants to view him differently.

Jersey Girls

For someone who sports a lot of Rutgers gear, Paulie has been spending a lot of time in the house talking disparagingly about "Jersey girls." He seems to think that "Jersey girls" are dishonest or out to deceive him, and he accused Natalie of being a typical "Jersey girl." It's not entirely clear what he's trying to say with this label, but he obviously doesn't mean it as a compliment.

Comments Towards Natalie

Most of Paulie's recent aggression has happened as a result of falling out with Natalie in the wake of the double eviction. Natalie made a huge move by blindsiding him and evicting Zakiyah, but she was hoping for a best-case scenario where Paulie went out the door soon after Zakiyah. However, with Paulie still in the house, he's digging into Natalie every chance he gets. Tensions are usually high in the Big Brother house, but Paulie went too far by telling Natalie that she was "as fake as the things on her chest," which is incredibly rude and inappropriate.

Comments About About Violence

Moments like this are very alarming and make me think that Paulie might need a break from Big Brother, especially coupled with comments he's made joking that his family members would "beat the sh*t" out of Bridgette and Michelle. Being in the house is a high-pressure situation and he seems to be acting out with this behavior and unacceptable jokes as a result.

At the beginning of the summer, Paulie seemed to have it all — a showmance, a spot at the top of the Big Brother food chain, and a penchant for winning comps. Unfortunately, it seems like the stress of living in the Big Brother house has gotten to him and he's starting to show the worst aspects of his personality. Hopefully, Paulie being called out for his behavior towards women will help him realize that he needs to act differently — much like Victor being called out at the beginning of the season seemed to leave an impact on him. It appears that Paulie is not long for the house as he sits on the block, but eviction actually might be better for this Calafiore brother than the $500,000 grand prize.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS