The Chork Is The Baby Of A Fork & A Chopstick

If you have ever struggled with chopsticks and wished a waiter would just bring you a fork, your troubles are no more. A brilliant new invention makes eating with chopsticks super easy. It's a chork, a chopstick and a fork hybrid that you will be seeing at your local Panda Express soon. I know you were wondering how that delicious chain restaurant will evolve now that every restaurant has their own "thing". Luckily they won't be messing with the food – something I've come to love.

When I was 13 I thought I had invented the greatest invention ever: Muchup. As in, mustard and ketchup in one condiment. Brilliant. I would make billions of dollars. No one had ever thought of doing this, right? How many hours would this save people when they order hotdogs from street vendors? No more ketchup and mustard — it's all about Muchup. Needless to say this idea was never realized nor released to the public. I still have my hopes. Seeing the chork get such positive feedback makes me wonder what would happen if I dusted off those muchup blueprints. Don't tell me my dreams aren't possible. Chorks are the living proof that anything is possible.

Developed and manufactured by Brown Innovation Group, the chork has been making lives easier since 2012. No more awkward glances at the wait staff, hoping they notice your struggle and bring you a fork. That fork is now on top of your chopsticks. People can choose to use the fork side only, or break the chopsticks in two and use that.

There is also a third option. This one is for all of those who are not ready to admit defeat in the face of chopstick revolt. Instead of going with the fork side you can still use the chopstick by leaving it intact. This allows you to just do the pinching maneuver chopsticks are meant for, with a security blanket of them not being able to fall apart.

This method is not new. Chopstick "cheaters" have existed for a while. Obviously America's continued consumption and interest in Japanese and Chinese cuisine has something to do with the trend. I have only met one person who has never had sushi in their lives. I plan on changing that as soon as possible, because they deserve the finer things in life. Maybe I'll bring a chork with me just in case.

From the looks of it the internet is already very excited.

And who can blame them? This truly is a game changer when it comes to food. I cannot wait to try it out myself!

Images: Panda Express