The 'Frozen' Honest Trailer is Wick-ed-ly Accurate — VIDEO

Speak no ill will of Frozen, the Internet seems to holler, but man oh man if the Screen Junkies' latest honest trailer for Frozen isn't just spot-on. Because the — as they put it — feature-length music video for "Let It Go" has plenty of head-scratching moments and funny idiosyncrasies worth needling, comedically speaking. It's light-hearted and comes from a place of love, and we downright love it.

From the studio that finally learned how to make Pixar movies comes Frozen, a tale of two orphaned sisters in a Scandanavian-ish land cursed with eternal winter thanks to the elder, manic-depressive princess' ability to blast snow, make ice dresses, build castles, and unknowingly give life to inanimate objects like snowmen. Follow Anna and Elsa as they sing their way through the best Disney movie-musical since The Lion King, and watch as they appease Jezebel (and Bustle!) readers alike with their fortifying tale of sisterhood — even though that relationship is also, apparently, the enemy.

There's plenty more funny stuff where that came from, and the Screen Junkies even got in on a bit of the singing themselves (keep your ears peeled for their take on the film's opening song, it's perfect), which just shows your the truly addictive musical properties the film possesses. And there's even an Adele Dazeem joke (timely!), so, you know, what's not to like here? Take a look at the trailer below and just try to not giggle and guffaw your way through the whole thing.

Screen Junkies on YouTube

Image: Disney