Paige & Emily May Have Another Chance On 'PLL'

Although all the Liars have endured countless hardships throughout Pretty Little Liars' seven seasons, I would argue that Emily has consistently been dealt the worst hand possible. And, since I'll always have a special place in my heart for the sweetest character on the show, I'd really like to see her find some happiness before the season comes to an end. Emily's ex-girlfriend, Paige, will return for the Aug. 16 episode "Exes And OMGs" and members of #TeamPaily are clamoring for a romantic reunion. So, will Page and Emily get back together on Pretty Little Liars?

Cover your ears, Emison shippers, but I really hope so. Of course, we need a few answers from Paige and Emily before they can become a couple again — so I doubt we'll see a reunion right after Paige returns to Rosewood. We know that they were a couple in California during the time jump, but it still hasn't been explained how and why they broke up. We do know that Emily went through a seriously rough time over the past five years — her father passed away, she dropped out of school, and quickly spent her entire inheritance. It's pretty common for couples to struggle when the circumstances are so tough — and Emily may have been secretive about some of her choices because, as she told Hanna, she felt ashamed.

But, I think Emily and Paige definitely have the potential to work through their past problems and move forward in a healthy relationship. Aside from that Season 1 incident when Paige basically tried to drown Emily, they were overall one of the strongest couples on Pretty Little Liars. Emily helped Paige gain the confidence to come out to her family, and Paige encouraged Emily to overcome her shyness through fun activities like karaoke. And who could forget the time Emily bought a $69 plane ticket to Atlantic City just so she could say one last goodbye to Paige before she left Rosewood for good? Whatever drove them apart during the time jump, I have a feeling it can be resolved.

What does this mean for Emison? Look, I'm not saying I'm 100 percent against the pairing — but I have plenty of reservations. Although Ali appears to be mostly reformed, it's hard to forget how much she messed with Emily's head in the time leading up to her disappearance. And, in Seasons 6B and 7A, Emily has been there for Ali unconditionally — but it seems like Ali mainly calls her when she needs support because she knows Emily will come to her side immediately. Ali's definitely going through a hard time this season, but aside from taking Emily to her egg-donating procedure, we haven't really seen her go out of her way to offer comfort or support to her friend.

I hope that Paige's return is accompanied by a Paily reunion — because Emily deserves to have a relationship with someone who genuinely loves and cares for her.

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