Would J Lo Save Diddy Over Ben Affleck?

Last Friday, Jennifer Lopez dropped by Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show in Los Angeles, and during said show, host Big Boy presented Lopez with a hysterical scenario. I love a hypothetical scenario, but this one takes the cake: Lopez is in the middle of the ocean on a two-person raft. She finds Diddy and Ben Affleck (her exes) stranded in the water. There’s room for only one more human on her two-person raft. She has to make a choice. Which ex would she save?

Lopez cackled at the question, and without missing a beat, she responded.

POP QUIZ TIME! What was Lopez's answer?

A) “No comment.”

B) “I’d jump off of the raft and let the two of them have it.”

C) “Is Marc Anthony in the ocean, too?”

D) “Ben Affleck, no question.”

E) “Diddy, no question.”

F) "All three of us would take turns sitting in the raft. Whenever someone isn't in the raft, they hold onto the side of it for support while they tread water. No one drowns! Everyone wins!"

G) "I'd tell them to duke it out for the last spot in the raft."

H) “I’d let both of those motherfuckers drown!”

If you chose "H," you win the pop quiz! What's the prize? Bragging rights, duh.

Yes, her reply was a salty one, but come on. She didn't actually mean it. It was all in good fun. After she and Big Boy LOL'd their faces off over her answer, she said, "That's terrible! I'm just joking. Ben, Puffy, you know I love you. You know that."

J Lo, you know I love you. You know that.