Kylie's New Lip Kits Shades Will Be Here Soon

It has been a cray summer for Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Jenner rocked the limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection, which included new products, like Kyliner and creme shadows. She turned popular Lip Kit shades turned into Kylie Glosses. She launched new summer Lip Kit colors and the first Kyshadow Palette. Jenner has expanded her brand exponentially in a short period of time. While things appear to have calmed down a bit after all these thrilling new launches, Jenner teased three new Lip Kits, which are coming before the end of August. The brand also hinted that a black Kyliner Kit is on the way, as well. While a fresh restock of sold-out Kylie Cosmetics items has yet to be confirmed, Jenner once again reminded us that new mattes are coming sooner than later.

That immediately begged a specific question in mind. Will the next full Kylie Cosmetics restock include the new mattes? Or will there be another restock before this trio of mattes makes its debut? Will the Kyliner come before the end of the month?

Well, we don't know. A restock date has not been revealed. I just checked the Kylie Jenner site, where restock times are posted. I also checked the reliable Instagram accounts that post brand update and there was no new news.

On Monday, August 15, Jenner revealed via Snapchat that her new mattes are coming in "less than two weeks."

That means we should expect the new KLKs to arrive by August 29 at the latest. Jenner has been restocking weekly with more quantity than ever so that supply is not totally drained as soon as the brand's online store opens. There are lots of Lip Kit shades currently available on the site. Therefore, a general restock isn't needed right now.

However, Jenner could restock the Kyshadow palette or any of the sold-out Lip kit shades before she introduces the KLK newbies. Or she could just wait to do an end-of-summer blowout, restocking Kyshadow while introducing the new Lip Kit shades and black Kyliner at the same time. That would be maj.

ICYMI: She used the greyed out filter to tease the new shades, which come in light and dark tones.

These are some of the items that defined the Kylie Cosmetics Summer of Surprises. I cannot wait for the new mattes to cruise into our lives and onto our lips. Something tells me they will be fall-ready.

Images: Kyler Jenner/Snapchat (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)