Man Stages Elaborate 'Harry Potter' Nerf Proposal

Even as an aggressive and unrepentant Potterhead, I fully understand and respect that not everyone is as into the ~magickz~ as I am. That being said, this guy who knows jack about Harry Potter and still managed to create this elaborately nerdy and perfect Harry Potter nerf gun proposal is basically every dorky human's dream come true. The bride-to-be shared images of the proposal on Imgur, showing how her now-fiancé set up a treasure hunt of images of Harry Potter characters all over their house and armed her with a Nerf gun.

"Help!" read the message he left her. "I'm trapped in the house surrounded by baddies! Save me with your Hogwarts wand before they Patronus my face hole with their Azkaban wands."

All the images of the baddies and goodies are similarly captioned with what hilariously loose knowledge he has of the series, which honestly is what makes this proposal as perfect as it is — for where he lacks Harry Potter intel, he makes up for in nonsense assumptions and trivia about the actors' roles in similarly nerdy franchises. We've got Game of Thrones, we've got Lord of the Rings, we've got Batman, and despite it making very little sense, it somehow makes all the sense in the world.

"My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years. We had always talked about having a Nerf gun fight, but I had no idea this would happen," wrote Imgur user hauntlife2590. "I came home from work to find this in between our screen and front doors ... yes that is a stick taped to the top to look like a wand."

From there she was sent all over the house on her ~mission~, encountering all sorts of shady characters along the way.

Side note: who gave Voldemort hair?? And why does it weirdly make him look like Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls?

SHOOT ON SIGHT, Y'ALL. This face haunts my dreams.

"This was the final picture - Lord Voldemort himself," she wrote. "I opened this door expecting to find my boyfriend behind it. He came out from around a corner behind me *WEARING A PRINT OUT OF DANIEL RADCLIFFE'S FACE ON HIS FACE* and we proceeded to have a Nerf dual [sic]."

And of course, it had the happiest of happy endings.


"After he took the mask off, he asked me to be his wife and I said 'Yes'! and ugly cried," she wrote. "Let me reiterate that he knows basically nothing about Harry Potter and did all of this just because I LOVE Harry Potter. He's a keeper."

Or, as Oliver Wood might say, a Keeper. (Heyoooo.) Much love to the newly engaged couple, who will undoubtedly be hosting the most epically nerdy event of the season sometime in the next year.

Images: Imgur