Jason Katims' 'FNL' 'Parenthood' & 'About a Boy' Crossovers Prove He Creates Superheroes

Jason Katims has created some of the most emotionally devastating and manipulative (in the best way) television shows, ever. From Friday Night Lights to Parenthood, and even now with About A Boy, the touchy-feely poignancy of his characters is where the writer/showrunner really shines. Basically: homeboy loves to strike you right in the feels. And as we learned today, Jason Katims is mad for crossovers!

During a press event for his latest, About A Boy on Tuesday, Katims teased both the inclusion of a Friday Night Lights actress on the series (Adrianne Palicki a.k.a. FNL's Tyra), and a bona fide Parenthood crossover via Dax Shepard (a.k.a. Crosby Braverman). Apparently that poker game About A Boy star David Walton showed up in will get a sequel on the NBC comedy, complete with a special appearance from Crosby Braverman and the addition of Minnie Driver's Boy character, Fiona.

This isn't the first time Katims has done this. Just a few months ago we were privy to the FNL/Parenthood mash-up web series, Friday Night at the Luncheonette . And, hoo lawd, did that get people excited. Which caused a lightbulb moment for us: Katims is basically the master of his own comic book universe, where superheroes cross in and out of each other's stories, causing fans to freak out and obsess over the potential mash-ups of these respective characters' worlds. It's like Marvel but for emotions, and his characters are superheroes with the power of... making you feel whether you want to or not. Think about it!


Is Just Like... The Guardians of the Galaxy

And That's Because... Well raising a family is just like defending a universe from the evils living next door, isn't it? A ragtag team of extremely different personalities, forced to band together come hell or high water, tasked with protecting the fate of the universe at large feels wildly similar to what it's like to get the Bravermans to agree on anything.

Their Super Powers Are...

  • Zeek Braverman, Captain Bungle-o: Able to make rash, family-altering decisions (investments! affairs!) in a flash.
  • Adam Braverman, Master Dependable: Bringing normalcy by any means necessary.
  • Kristina Braverman, Unstoppabella: Pure, unadulterated ambition, she's able to beat cancer and run for political office in the blink of an eye.
  • Sarah Braverman, Ambidoanything: Incredibly flexible and able to do seemingly accomplish any task put in front of her — from bartending to graphic design to writing a play to running a damn apartment building — Ambidoanything can and literally will do, well, anything.
  • Crosby Braverman, Determinado: a literal tornado of determination, Crosby will stop at nothing to win back his son's mother's affections and rekindle the family he dreamed he had.

Friday Night Lights

Is Just Like... The Avengers

And That's Because... Have you seen that cast? Since the show's ended they're all, well, everywhere. Coach and Tami Taylor are the Iron Man and Captain America of Texas.

Their Super Powers Are...

  • Coach Taylor, Morality Man: Standing up for what's right, above all else, with an uncanny ability to make every person around him a better person than before they met.
  • Tami Taylor, Compassiona: With an empathetic nature that rivals the whole of the universe combined, Compassiona also has The Fist Of Fury, making her a downright unbeatable force when faced with an argument.
  • Tim Riggins, Tex-Lord: Able to steal the hearts and loins of women everywhere with a single, brooding glance. Texas Forever, my friends.
  • Landry Clarke, Lance: Maker of mistakes and keeper of the pride, Lance's power comes from his ability to surprise and go after anything he wants. It is unparalleled in this universe or any other.

About A Boy

Is Just Like... Ant-Man

And That's Because... Well, it's a movie that hasn't been made yet about a reformed bad guy trying to make good, and About A Boy (the TV iteration) is about a man child attempting to reform and make good. So, you know — comparisons!

Their Super Powers Are...

  • Will Freeman, MuchoDude: With merely a single successful songwriting credit under his belt, MuchoDude is able to live a luxurious, consequence-free lifestyle with nothing more than his trusty sidekick, WonderBoy, to emotionally light the way towards his transformation into the superhero he was born to be, Charismatico the Whole Packago.
  • Marcus Bowa, WonderBoy: Can single-handedly charm you to death while bringing about a mature moral authority never before seen in an average human boy.
  • Fiona Bowa, EmotiMom: Don't let that free spirit fool you, EmotiMom has an uncanny ability to shoot down your emotional dishonesty like a viper. She sees, she strikes, she sings you an acoustic version of a pop song to lull you into a false sense of emotional security!

See? No wonder Katims loves to cross these characters over: with their abilities combined they only grow stronger. So go ahead and reject them all you want, mainstream society — that will only make them better (like the X-Men)!

Images: NBC