Did Juan Pablo Just Tell Nikki He Loves Her? — WATCH

Juan Pablo is breaking his silence on how he feels about Nikki in a big way. In a newly released video, the former Bachelor Juan Pablo wrote a song for his girlfriend (and had a buddy sing the lyrics). JP put together a bunch of pictures and videos of the couple doing everything from cooking together to Skyping for you to look at while the song plays. The video's title is "Adventures in Loving You" and the lyrics featuring the L-word a lot, so maybe this is JP's big coming out moment to show that he does actually love Nikki after all? He ends the video with a worded message reading: "Thanks for these INTERESTING 4 months of HIDING. Now that the CHARACTER of The Bachelor is OVER, it is time for US to live our life for REAL. Te ADORO. Juan Pablo."

Both JP and Nikki have received a lot of backlash since the finale. Fans are mad at Juan Pablo's attitude, and angry with Nikki for agreeing to be with him even though he's kind of a jerk sometimes. It's clear Juan Pablo is releasing this very public message to try to clear some rumors up that he doesn't love Nikki, or that their relationship isn't strong.

The video is actually pretty cute and cheesy which is what The Bachelor is all about, so maybe he does get it after all? I'm still not a Juan Pablo fan, but maybe it's time we just leave the couple alone and let them be happy. Listen to the song below:

Image: ABC