'The Voice': Usher & Shakira Fight For Brittnee Camelle — VIDEO

Hey, friends. We did it. Pat yourself on the back. You've earned it. Tuesday night was the final night of The Voice Blind Auditions. Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira, and Usher completed their teams: classical guitarist Kaleigh Glanton joined Team Blake, country singer Lindsay Bruce joined Team Shakira, and donut huckster Caleb Elder joined Team Adam. My favorite of the evening, however, was Team Usher’s Brittnee Camelle.

Brittnee is a very pretty young woman who is (er, was) attending nursing school. Before her audition, she said that if she scored a spot on the show, she’d have to give up her scholarship. Spoiler alert: She made it on the show. Looks like she's put her scholarship/nursing school on ice.

The moment "Skyscraper" began, I grabbed my coffee table. I was nervous on her behalf. (It's a big song!) But, hey, I had nothing to worry about. Brittnee is so stellar. She could handle "Skyscraper." It might not have been perfect, but it was close. My knuckles went white over nothin'.

I was instantly obsessed with the tone of her voice. I was also instantly obsessed with her talons. But this is The Voice, not The Nails, so I’m going to focus on the former. Her voice is rich, emotive, and holy hell did I get chills when she did the key change. I was totes on board. (Can you tell I like her a lot?)

When she hit the big note at “...made of paper,” Usher turned his chair. Shak contemplated hitting her button throughout the song, but she waited until the final “Oo." I see you, Shak! Pulling an Usher move on Usher.

Usher said that he liked that Brittnee went for the really high, difficult note because it showed that she's "willing to go after it." Shak complimented her higher register, but said Brittnee wouldn’t win without her coaching (or her female perspective).

Shak interrupted Usher several times, which prompted him to say, "And with a female, you never get a voice in." O, RLY? I'm keeping my eye on you, Ursh.

Brittnee said she wants to inspire women when she performs, and Usher said he is supportive of that, and Shak said she understands that. Usher said that while Shak understands, he overstands. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but the crowd REACTED.

Blake and Adam pulled for Team Shak, but Brittnee chose Team Usher.

What did Brittnee have to say about putting her education on hold? "School can always wait," she said, post-audition. "But you only get one chance to follow your dream."

Check out Brittnee's performance:


She's so good, right?! Augh. I predict she'll go far in the competition.

Next Monday Night: The Battle Rounds! Coaches and advisors! Steals!

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC