Is Simone At The 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony?

Before the 2016 Olympics even began, Simone Biles was touted as one of the powerhouse athletes to watch, as it seemed no records were safe when she came near them. The 4'9" gymnast proved that she packed a lot of punch and swiftly made her way through difficult gymnastics events and Biles ended her 2016 Olympics with four gold medals and one bronze, still maintaining her title as the world's greatest gymnast. Biles and her Final Five teammates have more than enough to celebrate, and while she didn't attend the opening ceremonies, Biles attended the 2016 Olympics closing ceremony to bask in her historic run at the Rio Games — and to take on the massively important role of flag-bearer for Team USA.

It's hugely exciting news, considering Biles has been steadily posting on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram throughout her entire journey during the Olympics and now, fans can share in her excitement cerebrating her achievements with the rest of Rio de Janeiro. There's already proof of Biles' presence at the presence at the ceremony, too: fellow Team USA member Aly Raisman has been active on social media, posting images of herself, Biles, and other teammates in their closing ceremony outsides. Adorable!

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune after her final gold medal win in floor exercise, Biles hinted at the fact that she was ready to relax and enjoy the games for a bit:

"It's been a long journey... I've enjoyed every single moment of it. I know our team has. It's been very long in competing so many times. It got tiring. But we just wanted to end on a good note."

Biles also noted that she plans on taking a break and adjusting to her life post-Olympic fame, which many gymnasts often do after becoming break-out stars, like the Fierce Five of 2012 London. Following their successful Olympic run, Biles and the Final Five already received a celebratory gift: a visit from Zac Efron. The Olympics really make all dreams come true!

Was there a better way to end on a good note than meeting your celeb crush, breaking records, and dancing the samba in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympics closing ceremonies with five medals around your neck? I think not. Beyond her athletic accomplishments, Biles is an inspiration for a new generation of young women of color who see a champion that is winning, thriving, and living her dreams. That might be her greatest win at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and I look forward to seeing where she soars after the closing ceremonies and into the chapter of her life.