The New Colourpop Highlighters Look So Fab

To get the perfect summer glow, highlighters have been a beauty favorite among beauty vloggers and celebrities alike. From contouring to highlighting products, beauty brands have been releasing new products for the face, and ColourPop is the latest company to jump on the highlighter bandwagon — well, jump on it again. ColourPop released swatches of four new highlighters on Snapchat, and they are so glam.

ColourPop has been teasing fans about the new shades of highlighters, and they are about to be released soon. Fans got a new sneak peek at the shades on Snapchat today, and the colors look even prettier on video — you seriously need to check out the shimmer in these new shades. The new highlighters include four different shades that are named Flexitarian, Might Be, Candy Man, and Do Not Disturb.

ColourPop is known to have affordable products in a wide array of skin tones, and the new highlighters are no exception. The highlighters will most likely be $8 like the rest of their highlighter collection on the company's website. You won't have to wait too long as they will be released on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 10 a.m. PT., according to the brand's Snapchat.

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The names of the four new shades are so fun!

From light to dark, the new highlighters will look great on many different skin tones. Thursday can't get here fast enough.

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); Colourpop/Snapchat (2)