Kat Von D Beauty's Mascara Isn't Like The Rest

Mascara is something that is completely personal to the wearer. Almost every beauty company out there makes this product, so when one comes along that is completely unique, people take notice. Kat Von D's Immortal Lash mascara is one of the standouts. Why? Well, not only is the formula completely thought out, the wand is unlike anything you've seen before in the beauty world.

There are tons of different mascaras out there. Some have thick wands while others keep it thin, but there aren't very many that stray away from the traditional style of bristles — until now. When Kat Von D Beauty came out with their Immortal Lash Mascara, I figured the packaging and formula would be the most exciting things about it. Boy, was I wrong. It turns out that there was a whole lot of thought that went into the making of this beauty item, and it's about to change your lash game.

According to Kat Von D Beauty's Instagram post, the wand on their newest mascara was modeled after a wild rose. Hence the pretty metallic red flowers on the black packaging. That's not all either. The post says that it was also designed to be super flexible so it can contour and grab onto each one of your individual lashes with ease.

That's all pretty awesome, if you ask me. Taking a close up look at the brush will prove that it's anything but typical. The bristles spiral up from small bristles to a larger clump of bristles at the top, similar to the stem and bloom of a rose. I've seriously never seen a wand like this before.

Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara, $20,

See what I mean? Odds are this looks a little different than what's already in your makeup bag. Currently the $20 mascara only comes in black, but since that's the most staple color out there, I'd say that it's definitely worth a buy. You can get it at Sephora or the Kat Von D Beauty site.

This is the only mascara that the company has come out with so far, but fingers crossed they expand their range soon with more unique versions of the beauty staple!

Image: katvondbeauty/Instagram (1)