7 Things Every Mom Thinks When She Has A Sick Kid

Starting with the moment your child looks up at you with wide eyes and says, “Mommy, I don’t feel good,” you can feel your priorities shifting. Suddenly it doesn’t matter what else you had planned for the day. Work can wait. Errands can wait. Pretty much everything can take a back seat because right now, there are only two things that matter: helping your kid get healthy and making sure they're not completely miserable. Every mom has her own theory on how to accomplish those goals. Your plan may involve chicken soup, ice cold fruit juice, a humidifier shaped like an elephant, or all of the above. But whatever it is, fear not, brave mom! Bustle and Puffs Plus Lotion have teamed up to help you take on the challenge of having a sick kid. Together, we will get through this.

Kids get sick when you least expect it, and to empathize with the rollercoaster of emotions a parent goes through when a child has a common cold, we jotted down just a few of the (totally fair) thoughts that are likely going through your head from the moment you hear that first sniffle. Sure, staying home with a sick little one may not be as productive as you hoped, but if you're prepared with a box of Puffs Plus Lotion in each room of the house, you can already rest assured that the next couple of sick days are going to be a little more comfortable than you expected.

1. “I am so mad at the parent who sent their sick kid to school.”

You may have no idea which classmate got your kid sick, but you suddenly remember seeing one kid sneeze a few times, and another who was rubbing his nose. While you realize that moms aren't necessarily doctors and the parents likely didn't know their kid was contagious when they sent them to school in the first place, you still can't help but wonder how long those cold germs have been crawling around your home.

2. "Please stop using me as a tissue."

It's so sweet when a sick kid leans in for a reassuring hug, unless that hug is a secret cover for the fact that they're wiping snot directly from their nose onto the front of your shirt. If you prefer to keep your clothes snot-free, put a box of tissues in every room of the house. The next time your kid wants a hug, intercept them with a tissue before going for the embrace. You'll be glad you did.

3. "I must disinfect every household surface."

Even if your typical housekeeping style is best described as "comfortably messy," there's nothing like a sick kid for inspiring you to bust out the cleaning products. When germs invade, you may find yourself spritzing every possible surface with disinfectant. Battling germs isn't easy, but on the plus side, the house could end up cleaner than it's been in months.

4. “I never thought I would miss your ability to make a mess.”

Healthy kids are full of energy, and that often involves taking out every toy they own and playing with it for about a minute before moving onto the next one. This is why your home often looks like it’s been hit by a toy tornado. A sick kid would rather lay on the couch wrapped in a blanket, watching TV, with one or two toys within arm’s reach. Don’t worry — that little angel will be making messes again before you know it.

5. "If we watch this episode one more time my head will explode."

Kids seem to have their own version of binge-watching. Instead of streaming the whole season of a show, they decide that only one episode is worth watching, and it's worth watching over and over and over. It may feel like torture to you, but if it gets your sick child to stay in one place and rest, maybe it's not all bad.

6. “I reeeally don’t want to get sick.”

When you have a sick kid, your home isn’t the only thing you want to disinfect. You are so focused on keeping your body germ-free that you feel a sudden urge to wash your hands (and your child’s hands) every few minutes. This is totally normal. Also normal: Realizing your ultimate fantasy now involves standing in a very hot shower until you’re sure every last germ has washed down the drain.

7. “Please be healthier tomorrow so I can send you to school.”

Oh, hey, remember how much you hated those parents who sent their still-germy kid to school? If tomorrow morning your son or daughter seems to have less of a cough or a not-quite-as-runny nose, you might end up making the same decision. Of course, when you do it, it’s for the right reasons. After all, you don’t want your kid to fall behind in class!

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