7 LGBTQ Podcasts To Listen To, Because There Are Plenty To Choose From

The rise of the podcast has been slow, but finally, after years of luring listeners in with their smooth voices and quality content, it's safe to say they've officially Made It as a form of communication. Much like apps in the late aughts, there's something for everyone; the selection ranges from podcasts about the LGBTQ community to amateur storytelling hours, with stops for so-old-it's-relevant-again Hollywood gossip and creepy minimalist horror ( Knifepoint Horror , anyone?) in between. In 2013, Mac World reported that the number of podcasts available on iTunes reached more than 250,000, and while that number included shows that no longer produced new content, it's reasonable to assume that the number is still pretty high today.

Unfortunately, the massive popularity of the podcast comes with a downside. Once you've exhausted the popular options like Serial and The Moth , you face the daunting prospect of slogging through hundreds of thousands of ultra-specific shows to find one that holds your attention. Luckily for you, that's where I come in — as long as you're looking for something with a political bent, that is. Previously, I've covered podcasts for the intersectional feminist, but today's topic is both broader and more specific: The LGBTQ community. Here are seven podcast suggestions for LGBTQ viewers and allies.

1. Throwing Shade

Hosted by comedians Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, this weekly podcast treats "all the issues important to ladies and gays... with much less respect than they deserve." The result is silly and acerbic by turns, and it's so popular that the duo makes a weekly appearance on Funny or Die. You can listen at the Throwing Shade website.

2. Fruit

Created by the same woman who wrote The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae, Fruit tackles the intersection of the hypermasculine sports world and queer sexuality. Over the course of ten powerful episodes, we follow the fictional story of a pro football player who calls himself "X" after he comes out as a gay man. You can listen to Fruit here.

3. Homoground

Music lovers, rejoice! Homoground is a podcast created by and dedicated to queer music as well as the artists who produce it. In addition to featuring the music itself, the show regularly includes artist interviews. "We are building a network of queer musicians [and] music lovers," Homoground writes in the show's description. You can listen to Homoground on its website.

4. Strange Fruit

Hosted by Dr. Kaila Story and Jaison Gardner, Strange Fruit tackles "politics, pop culture and black gay life" in Louisville, Kentucky. You can listen to the podcast on WFPL's website.

5. We Want The Airwaves

Named after a Ramones song, We Want the Airwaves follows host Nia King as she interviews other artists within the LGBTQ community. Past guests have included Virgie Tovar, Grace Rosario Perkins, and most recently, Trish Salah. You can listen to the podcast here; while some episodes are free, a subscription costs five dollars a month.

6. Outsports

Whether you're an obsessive follower of the Olympics or actually into sports year-round, the Outsports podcast is perfect for coverage of LGBTQ sports news. Listen to it here.

7. The Lesbian Book Club

Hosted by lesbian author Clare Lydon, Lesbian Book Club is fairly self-explanatory: Lydon talks books about lesbians, usually with another author. You already know if that's your thing (and if we're being honest, it totally should be), so head over to Lydon's website if you want to listen.

Images: Viktor Solomin/Stocksy