Practk's Palmat Brush Cleaner Is So Affordable

by Jessica Willingham

So you're ready to up your beauty tool game by investing in makeup brushes and keeping them clean. Congrats! So how much does the Practk Palmat brush cleaner cost? There's tons of tech to choose from, but this new brush cleaning tool stands out. Your wallet will love this tool as much as you do.

The Practk Palmat makeup brush cleaning tool retails for just $9.95, a great deal for such a versatile tool. The mat has two sides with three unqiue, high-grade silicone surfaces to clean both large and small brushes. The Palmat can we worn on your hand, thanks to adjustable straps, but the coolest part about this tool is its suction cups. Yep, you can suction this tiny tool to the bottom your sink or the side of your shower for efficient, mess-free, and controlled cleaning. The bright magenta tool at the bottom of your sink will constantly remind you to take care of your brushes.

"The Palmat is the first brush cleaning gadget to have a dual function: wear it on your hand for maximum brush cleaning control or place it in your sink for hands-free brush cleaning,” founders Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho said in the release. “It will get your brushes clean in record time, guaranteed.” Keeping your brushes clean can extend their lifetime (and your investment). Score.

This tiny tool will travel much better than those giant Sigma Beauty mats we're used to. While Sigma will continue to create makeup and beauty tools, they're leaving the gadgets to their new sister company.

“The Practk name says it all – practical beauty. Practk™ has the same DNA as our renowned Sigma Beauty brand, and innovation and solutions are still the foundation for our upcoming products,” said Xavier and Filho.

“Practk will incorporate key ideas and inventions from Sigma Beauty’s products into functional and affordable products. We are very excited to introduce our revolutionary brush care to a whole new range of beauty enthusiasts.”

The Palmat is available online right now at