You Can DIY Kylie Jenner's Light-Up Mirror

If you're a fan of Kylie Jenner or any members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you know the family will go to great lengths to get the best shots for social media. You've probably seen Kim Kardashian's LuMee light-up iPhone case that gives off the perfect lighting for selfies, but now there's a life-size version. If you're wondering where you can buy Jenner's new standing light-up mirror, you may be able to create your own.

There aren't many light-up mirrors on the market of the caliber that Jenner now has in her new home, so I'm thinking someone will get smart (or at least should) and create these mirrors to sell. It not only provides great lighting for selfies and mirror pics, it even just looks cool and would definitely had an artistic element to any room.

Jenner's mirror is ironically shaped like an iPhone (go figure), and we can see how she'll be snapping here a lot more often — it gives off the perfect lighting for photos! Because there isn't already a mirror out there to hurry up and buy, you could try making one for yourself at home with just a strand of lights and your floor mirror of choice.

Can't wait to see the other snaps and photos that Jenner will be taking in front of this well-lit mirror! If you're game, here's what you need:

1. IKEA Mongstad Mirror

Mongstad Mirror, $99, IKEA

Get a standing mirror where you can drape or attach string lights.

2. IKEA Stave Mirror

IKEA Stave Mirror, $120, IKEA

I could totally see this mirror accessorized with lights for the perfect lighting for all angles.

3. Phillips Globe LED String Lights

Phillips Globe LED String Light s , $17, Amazon

You can use globe lights or regular Christmas tree lights to create the light effect on your mirror, but the globe lights may make it resemble more of a vintage vanity mirror.

Images: Getty Images (1); kylizzesnapchats/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands (3)