Here's How Much The Brown & Black Kyliners Cost

If you thought that Kyliners were gone for good, then think again. Kylie Jenner announced on her Snapchat that there will be new Kyliners launching soon on the Kylie Cosmetics site. She's covering all her basics with the neutral-colored products. How much do the black and brown Kyliners cost? They might seem pricey, but you get more than one item.

The makeup company first debuted the Kyliner in the Kylie Birthday Edition collection, kicking things off with a metallic bronze shade. It sold out on every single restock, proving that it was a must-have for makeup lovers. Although that shade might be gone forever, there are two new ones taking it's place. The brown and black Kyliners are coming, and you better believe they will cause chaos on the Kylie Cosmetic site.

Just because these Kyliner sets are basic colors doesn't mean that they won't fly off the shelves just as fast as all the other products have. Provided they are the same as the bronze Kyliner, each one will likely cost $38, which is slightly higher than price of the Lip Kits. Here's the catch though — you get three different products in each set. That means you get a liner, brush, and cream pot for $12.50 each. That's totally worth it, if you ask me.

There's no doubt in my mind that there will be more Kyliner colors on the way. This is the perfect way to start though. I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a brown and black liner in their makeup bag, and now you can get all the products you need with just one buy.

Jenner didn't say exactly when these colors would be out. Since they're already packaged and ready to go, I'd put money on them coming out soon. The best thing to do is stalk Jenner's social media pages, because that's normally where she announces the time and date.

Three different products all in one kit is honestly a genius idea. I can't wait to see how fast these fly off the virtual shelves.

Images: kyliejenner/Snapchat (3)