What Happened To Nick's Dad On 'Fear The Walking Dead'? Flashbacks Suggest There’s More To His Story

The Walking Dead fans are used to those stand-alone episodes that follow just one or two characters at a time. Love them or hate them, they're what makes the show so daring and original. In the Season 2 midseason finale, we followed Nick on his solo hike, and learned a little bit more about Madison's family in the process. What happened to Nick and Alicia's father on Fear The Walking Dead ? There may be more to his death than a car crash.

In flashbacks, we saw Madison deliver the news to Nick about his father's passing. He was in rehab, and this seems to have contributed to his relapse. What if it wasn't a car crash that killed him? I'm not saying Voldemort was involved, but I think it's interesting that Nick mentioned multiple times in the episode that his father was acting distant and feeling fatigued before he died. Maybe he was sick. Maybe I know it's a bit of a stretch, but I'm primed to look for mysteries on shows like Fear The Walking Dead.

Nick said that his father worked at "the site" — which could refer to a standard construction site. However, what if it was an archaeological or excavation site? What if he was part of some sort of conspiracy connected to the virus, and either got infected and fell asleep at the wheel, or was killed because he knew too much? The Walking Dead and its spinoff Fear have never been about zombies. They're about people. We know that by now. It's unlikely that the zombie outbreak is going to be cured on either series. However, both shows have been known to drop hints about the outbreak, and Nick and Alicia's dad could be connected in some way.


Most of all, I think the fact that we haven't seen a picture of Stephen Clark is very important. That means that AMC is still waiting to cast him, for a flashback or otherwise. It wasn't explicit in the episode, but there's a chance that Fear The Walking Dead is dropping breadcrumbs here, and I want to be the first to pick them up.

Image: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC