Watch Seth Meyers Brilliantly Mock Bieber

If you haven't set aside 10 minutes of your day to watch the Justin Bieber deposition videos, you're doing it wrong. You guys! They are the confirmation you need that Bieber is just as awful as you thought he was — he winks to the camera, he pretends he doesn't know who Usher is, he confuses the word "instrumental" with "detrimental — and that's just the beginning. Thankfully, the people over at Late Night understand just how amazing these videos are and decided to have a little fun with them. Seth Meyers mocks Bieber's deposition like only he can and people, it's a must watch.

Meyers' spoof is perfect if you don't have the necessary time to dedicated to the deposition videos themselves. He and his staff have provided an edited, hilarious version of the deposition that gives you everything you need to know: Bieber is a disrespectful little turd who thinks it's hilarious to say he "doesn't recall" and loves to pop his collar to the gaggle of legal staff in the small deposition room. During the faked voice-over, Meyers' cohort fills in as the prosecuting lawyer and asks Bieber hilarious, fake questions like, "Do you think dogs get embarrassed, and are you too cute for rules?" Classic.

Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers make fun of Bieber's awful depo behavior. Enjoy.