10 Weird Things Every '90s Kid Did In School

One of my fondest memories from elementary school is when my mom would pack Bugles in my lunch. I'd stick them on my fingertips and wiggle them in people's faces. Sad? Yes. Weird? Definitely. In fact, that's just one of many weird things every '90s kid did in school (or... maybe it was just me). Blame it on our active imaginations or boredom. Blame it on teachers who were desperate to keep us occupied so we didn't try stapling each other to the cork board outside the cafeteria. (That only happened once — just so we're clear.) Whatever the reason, we did so many things back in school that, looking back now, were just a wee bit strange.

Then again, aren't kids supposed to be weird? I think I'd be even more creeped out if they started acting like adults — spending their hours in school talking about the proper way to overline their lips and Instagramming photos of their coffee beverage. Is that what actually happens these days? It is, isn't it? I've gotten old. Sigh.

But even so, I've held on to a lot of the weirdness that was present in me even as a child. And although I'm proud of it, there are still those memories that I look back on and think, "What the...?" Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers these things.

1. Learning To Play The Recorder

Why the recorder? What if I happen to like the kazoo better? Or the harmonica? Don't tell me how to live my life, music class.

2. Spreading Liquid Glue All Over Your Fingers And Then Peeling It Off After It Had Dried

How can something so wrong... feel so right?

3. Wordy Math Questions That Made No Sense

If Jane has 20 watermelons, and Joe has 40 watermelons, how long until they get married? The two are unrelated. (And also the answer is, whenever they decide to — or not to. It's totally their call. Stop being nosy, math class.)

4. Playing Freeze Tag And Having To Crawl Under People's Legs To Unfreeze Them

Yeah. No.

5. Playing Chubby Bunny At Lunch Time

Shoving as many marshmallows into your mouth as you can without gagging? Sign me up.

6. Refusing To Flush The Toilet

Come on. That's just gross.

7. Using Books And Pencil Cases To Shield Your Paper From Potential Cheaters During A Test

No one could even see you behind your giant wall of books. You really showed them.

8. Spelling Out Naughty Words On Your TI-83

8-0-0-8-5. *giggle* Boobies!

9. Dodgeball, Because... Dodgeball

Any children's game that involves hitting each other with balls as hard as possible goes down as weird in my book. (Still awesome, though.)

10. Having To Carry Weird Objects As Bathroom Passes

Two of my favorites growing up included a full-size construction cone and a giant can of nacho cheese.

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