12 Things All '90s Kids Did On The First Day Of School

Remember when we used to look forward to going back to school? These days werw obviously before school got boring — when we still had art projects and recess. And I'll be honest: I'm convinced that part of the draw was ritual of the first day of school in the '90s. There were definitely a bunch of things all '90s did on that hallowed day, while the excitement and newness of getting back into the classroom were still at an all-time high. We wanted to put our best foot forward, so we pulled out all the stops.

We still have this habit as adults, too. I can remember my first day in college: My outfit coordinated, my hair was flawlessly styled, and I had a full face of make-up. By the end of freshman year, on the other hand, it was a good day if I remembered to put on deodorant. (Kidding.) (Except maybe not really.) But don't beat yourself up if this sounds familiar; we're all just human. When you do the same thing and see the same people day after day, year after year, any person is bound one day to ask herself, "I don't really need to pluck my eyebrows, do I?" (Not that you ever need to pluck your eyebrows if that's not how you roll, but you get what I mean.)

When we were little ones, though, appearances were everything. We wanted to impress our classmates, hang with the cool kids, and get invited to all the best sleepovers. You know what they say about first impressions; the first day of school in the '90s was no different. Don't try to tell me you didn't do at least one of these things.

1. Put On Your Favorite Out From dELiA*s Or Limited Too


Your mom had originally allowed you three new back-to-school outfits, but you suckered her in to five. The first day of school was perfect for your new peasant top, bell bottom jeans, and tattoo choker.

2. Spend Extra Time Primping


Roll-on body glitter? Check. BonneBell Cream Pop LipLites? Check. Blue eyeshadow all the way up to your brows? Check.

3. Decorate All Your Brown Paper Bag Book Covers

Your book covers lasted maybe a week before the got dirty and the edges started to crinkle, but you enjoyed it while it lasted. Plus, it gave you an excuse to use your new Mr. Sketch scented markers, because grape-scented everything is life.

4. Lace Up Your Freshest Keds

So white and crisp. You treaded carefully, avoiding puddles and reserving a seat on the bus for yourself, lest someone should clumsily step on your perfect kicks.

5. Decorate Your TI-83 Calculator With Scratch And Sniff Stickers

This was just about the only thing that could make algebra tolerable.

6. Play Name Games In All Your Classes


There was always some weird mnemonic name trick our teachers would ask us to use, like alliteration. I was always Mega Megan.

7. Pack Your Nickelodeon Lunchbox And Matching Thermos In Your Clear Backpack

Clear backpacks were so hardcore. It let your classmates know who they were dealing with.

8. Sharpen All Of Your New Yikes! Pencils...

All the cool kids had them.

9. ...Break Out Your Lisa Frank Folders...


I love the smell of new Lisa Frank gear in the morning.

10. ...And Rip Open Your Trapper Keeper


There's nothing like the sound of a freshly-velcroed Trapper Keeper.

10. Eat A Well-Balanced Breakfast


Remember, this was the '90s. A well-balanced breakfast was a glass of SunnyD and Cookie Crisp.

11. Give Yourself An Extra Boost For Recess


It was on like Donkey Kong whenever people saw you pumping up these bad boys.

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