"Why Summer Is Women's Winter" From College Humor Nails The Struggle With The Office AC — VIDEO

Outside the sun is shining, the thermostat is rising, and the people on the sidewalk are practically melting... but inside, you're bundled up under three layers and are still breaking out in goosebumps. For many women, summer is basically winter thanks to the office air conditioner — and College Humor totally gets it with their video "Why Summer Is Women's Winter." The struggle, as they say, is real. And seriously: Is it really so much to ask that the office AC be easily controllable?

Cranking up the AC in the summer can be tempting when it's scorching outside, but it's also arguably not good for you. For one thing, going in and out of air conditioned environment confuses your body and can cause everything from colds to ear infections. For another, high AC isn't even good for office productivity. Plus, it makes trying to figure out what to wear hell.

And for women, over-air-conditioning a building is extra awful. Research shows that women are more affected by colder temperatures — and thus are miserable at temperatures that most men are perfectly OK with. And since research also suggests that most office temperatures are calibrated for a 150-pound man, this means that most women are... pretty miserable at the office.

As College Humor hilarious parodies in their new video, August may be summer outside, but inside, women's winter is in full effect. Because while the men feel like this:

Women are like this:

You can try to find a place where there aren't any air vents...

...but the air vents are everywhere.

And if you forget about the air conditioning and show up for work in actual summer clothes, you're screwed.

What's a girl to do? Well... maybe you'd better watch and find out. We've all been there. So for anyone who's ever felt attacked by their office AC: This one's for you.

Images: College Humor/YouTube (5)