The 17 Best Olympic Bloopers Prove That Even Insanely Athletic Olympians Aren't That Different From You

The Olympics is a time for the most talented athletes from around the world to meet, compete vigorously with one another, and, in the process of doing so, make the rest of us feel hopelessly inadequate with the meager things we've accomplished in our own lives. Thankfully, though, even the most staggeringly competent athletes of all time screw up every so often, as the best bloopers from the Rio Olympics make abundantly clear. Still, the competitors' athleticism, to say the least, just doesn't seem attainable, especially when some athletes have already scored gold medals before their 20th birthdays. At least, that's how it usually goes, and indeed, there was plenty of that this year (Hello, Simone Biles).

Unfortunately, there have been some truly horrific accidents at the Olympics this year. Everything from face plants on the gymnastics mat to wipe-outs and collisions on the track — Rio has seen it all. But because this is a blooper reel, and not an "oh, my gosh, that was the most painful thing I've ever seen" reel, you won't see any of those moments on here. No, this listicle is reserved for the kind of stumbles and falls that don't send athletes to the emergency room. Hopefully, even they will be inspired to have a laugh at themselves after watching these playbacks.

1. Runner Crashes Into Hurdle

Haiti's Jeffrey Julmis failed, in amusing fashion, to clear the first hurdle of the 110-meter. Here's another view, just for good measure.

2. Diver Belly Flops, Part 1

Here's a belly flop — or at least, what counts as a belly flop in the Olympics — courtesy of Malaysian diver Ahmad Amsyar Azman.

3. Diver Belly Flops, Part 2

Russia's Ilia Zakharov also belly-flopped in Rio. Don't worry, there's more to this list than just belly flops.

4. This Pole Vaulter's Unfortunate Brush With The Bar

In one of the more intimate errors of the 2016 games, Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita failed to clear the bar because it seems as though his penis brushed against it as he was falling. Yup.

5. Gymnast Jumps Too Early

Olimpíadas 2016 on YouTube

Croatia's Ana Derek jumped just a little bit too early during the fault, which resulted in her stepping over it casually without performing any routine at all.

6. Swimmer Accidentally Throws Cap Into Pool

Sun Yang of China tried to throw his swimming cap into the crowd after completing the 200-meter freestyle, but overshot it by a tad and tossed it into the pool instead.

7. Gymnast Face-Plants Off High Bar

The impeccable Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands face-planted during the high bar. This looks worse than it was — he was up on his feet in no time.

8. Diver Back Flops

Russian Nadezhda Bazhina back-flopped in Rio this year, earning a rare score of zero as a result.

9. Runners Collide, Help Each Other Out

In the "aww, that's sweet" department, we have Abbey D'Agnostico and Nikki Hamblin of the United States and New Zealand, respectively. The runners collided with one another and fell onto the track during the women's 5,000-meter qualifying race, but helped each other up afterwards and finished the race.

10. Boxer Mistakenly Thinks He's Won

You know that feeling after you think you've won an Olympic boxing match, and you thrust your fist into the air triumphantly, only to realize that you actually lost the match? Neither do I, but Lu Bin of China sure does.

11. Soccer Player Fails At Drinking Water

Meanwhile, Australian soccer player Lisa De Vanna was caught trying to drink water out of the wrong end of a bottle.

12. Horse Refuses To Jump

It wasn't Scott Keach's fault: The equestrian's horse simply refused to jump during the showjumping individual competition, sending him — but not the horse — plummeting face-first into the dirt.

13. Fencer's Phone Falls Out Of Pocket

There are times to keep your phone on you, and times to not keep your phone on you. Fencing in the Olympics is one of the first times, a lesson that France's Enzo Lefort learned the hard way in Rio.

14. Bicyclist Crashes

Edzus Treimanis of Latvia face-planted after failing a landing just seconds into a BMX run.

15. Officials Locked Out Of Stadium

Screwing up at the Olympics isn't just for athletes: At the beginning of the Rio games, Olympic officials lost the key to the east gate of the stadium and had to call in firefighters to cut the locks.

16. Runner Trips

Runner Mo Farah of Great Britain tripped and fell during the 5,000-meter qualifying heat — but amazingly, he recovered and came in third.

17. Wrong Flag Used

Only in Asia on YouTube

The Chinese team was not pleased when, after taking home its first gold medal of the 2016 games, an incorrect version of the Chinese flag was raised in celebration (the stars are rotated differently in the correct flag). The kicker here is that the flag was made in China. Whoops!