What No One Tells You About Having Kids

Moms have it tough sometimes. Between putting their body through pregnancy, getting flak for breastfeeding in public, and the sleep deprivation that comes from raising a newborn, there are a lot of less-than-thrilling aspects of motherhood that many women deal with. Of course there are, I'm sure, so many rewarding and amazing aspects of motherhood that probably can't be described in words. At least, that's what I've learned from reading internet articles and Jodi Picoult novels. All that is to say, being a parent comes with countless surprises—some you can prepare for, some not so much. In the days of the internet, I like to think that we can prepare for these surprises more and more, since there are so many awesome online communities and resources for new or expecting parents. And while I'm sure nobody really knows what it's like to be a mother (or parent in general) until they are one, the moms of Reddit decided to impart some of their wisdom on all of us, sharing the things no one tells you about having kids. Whether you're expecting a child, planning on having kids in the future, or just curious, the answers are all eye-opening in their own way.

1. The surprise trimester

Personally I've always wanted to have a kid but not so much an actual baby, and I'm glad to know that's not totally weird.

2. It really is a 24/7 job

See that? We're all in this—the verge of snapping—together. It's comforting in a slightly terrifying way.

3. "Me time" is essential

We can all learn to take some time for ourselves—not just new moms.

4. Say goodbye to sleep

I mean, it's not exactly a secret that parents of newborns don't get any sleep, but I guess you don't understand how bad it feels until it happens to you.

5. Lots of changes to your body... can that be possible?

6. ...And some more changes...

How do the celebrities do it?

7. ...And even more still...

Well, that's just depressing. BRB while I contemplate my fear of failure in regards to my desire to have children one day.

8. Oh, and your emotions will change too

That is honestly kind of sweet.

9. The unspoken ranking of moms

Can we just not do this? Leave the moms alone!

10. This is super important

So much this.

11. Everybody's a critic

This might be where the whole "If you have nothing nice to say..." adage should come in.

12. Nothing will gross you out anymore

Yes, all those years of being a camp counselor have prepared me for this moment.

13. Possibly the most important piece of advice of them all

That was beautiful.

Images: Freestocks / Unsplash; Giphy (3)