ColourPop's KaePop Lippies Come In These Formulas

by Augusta Statz

When a collab works, you might as well just keep the goodies coming. That’s exactly what ColourPop and Krarrueche Tran are doing. The pair’s second collab is coming out soon, and you’re going to need to find out what’s in store for you. What finishes do the Karrueche Tran X ColourPop lipsticks come in? Trust me, you’ll want to get your hands on each and every one of them!

The brand announced the second installation of the collab will include three glossy lippies and one Ultra Matte Lip. That means, there are two formulas and four incredible colors to love in this collection. The one Ultra Matte lippie is a bright brick red, making it pretty much the only thing you’re going to want to wear this fall. The other three shades include mauve and neutral tones, all with a super glossy finish. Basically what I'm saying is, ColourPop X Karrueche Tran’s making it really hard to choose a favorite in this line up.

But, since ColourPop’s lip products retail at such an affordable price point (I’m talking, like, $6 kind of affordable) you might as well scoop them all up as soon as they drop on Aug. 25. Your go-to fall lip products are almost here!

I'll take all of these, please. Because seriously, what's not to love about these lippies?

There's plenty of variety so you can wear these shades all fall long without ever getting repetitive.

The Lychee Me gloss is super subtle in color, but has a great shine factor.

Meanwhile, Fug'd will have you feeling all sorts of dark and mysterious.

Stain will give you a super sexy look.

For a bold pop of color, go with this matte red lip.

Yep, this collection's got your fall makeup all sorted.