No More Rebekah On 'The Originals'?

Julie Plec just won't throw her fans a bone. After pissing everyone off by abruptly ending Klaus and Caroline's kind-of relationship on The Vampire Diaries earlier this season, it's been announced that Claire Holt has exited The Originals as a series regular. And Tuesday night's episode was her last as Original sister, Rebekah Mikaelson — no prior warning, no inkling that she was on her way out, just nothing. Well, until the announcement hit the Internet and fans freaked out all over social media asking, "How can it be The Originals if they're writing actual Originals off the show?" Good question, people.

Rebekah, the only female sibling in the Mikaelson clan, quickly became a fan favorite after she debuted on The Originals' parent series, The Vampire Diaries, in 2011. Prompting creators to extend her originally intended three-episode arc to a recurring role that later turned into the spin-off series with Klaus and Elijah, The Originals. According to "sources close to the series" the door is open and will remain open for Holt to reprise her role — something that could happen as early as this season, but seems more likely to occur during the show's second season.

Holt's character, albeit seeming unnecessarily dramatic at times, was an emotional center for the show that otherwise pushes emotions to the background at all times. Aside from being part of the Original family (which the show just so happens to be about), Rebekah diffused the boys' club aspect of the show by being a strong, bad ass, female lead with no fear of her brother Klaus' ruthlessness. She was also starting to develop one of the show's first relationships with Marcel — which was dysfunctional at best, but still a subplot that kept the series interesting.

So why write-off a character that had so much to offer and was linked so closely to the show's entire premise? There are no details as to whether it was a creative decision or Holt's decision for her to exit the series — but fan's don't seem to care either way. And honestly, neither do we because The Originals needs Rebekah Mikaelson just as much as it needs its other characters. Here's why:

She Kicked Ass

She really did and she was a force to be reckoned with. Rebekah ran and fought with the boys and she commanded respect where respect was due. And, when push came to shove, she did what she needed to do to survive — including summoning her father to New Orleans because Klaus wouldn't just let her live. Throughout her run on the series she fought for Klaus, she fought for Elijah, she fought for Hayley, and she fought for Davina and she kicked ass every time. Rebekah was by far the strongest female lead on this series and The Originals needed that. Especially since there's no one that could step up to take her place at this point.

She Was An Original

Personally, I think this should've been enough to cement her as a series star until at least halfway through the series' run. But nothing is sacred to Julie Plec and The CW — not even being technically an integral part of the entire show's premise. This seems to be the biggest complaint among fans — why have a show about a family if its family members will slowly be written-off the show? There's only two Originals left now that Holt's out — Elijah and Klaus — and it really just doesn't seem like enough without Rebekah. The rest of the Original siblings, specifically Kol and Finn, were killed off on The Vampire Diaries. So they could possibly be resurrected, but I highly doubt that Elijah and Klaus are looking for any other family member to wreak havoc or challenge their authority. Rebekah held the threesome together — mostly because Elijah had to defend her and vice versa against Klaus constantly.

She Could Get Under Klaus' Skin

And she wasn't afraid to go there — time after time — even if it meant getting daggered and stuck in a box for years. They'd spent so much time alone with one another that, even if Elijah tried, he couldn't achieve the bond that Rebekah and Klaus shared. Yes, she betrayed him and yes, she wasn't the greatest sister of all time — but she and Klaus were all that each other had for so long, that he needs her. Who else will challenge him and attempt to force him into feeling something, anything, that resembles human emotion so fiercely?

She Wasn't Afraid Of Vulnerability

Vulnerability was a huge part of what made you root for her character. Like she said on Tuesday night's episode — her damage was fear of abandonment — but her damage was also one of her greatest strengths as a character because it made her relatable. Rebekah wanted to be human, she wanted to love and be loved, and she wasn't afraid of showing her pain — where Klaus and Elijah would have buried theirs, she put hers right out in the open for everyone to see. On a show where everyone's emotions are overshadowed by their spite and anger or held back by their composed exteriors, Rebekah's openness was refreshing and important in balancing it out.

She Was Witty

I don't think you could actually say that she offered comedic relief to the otherwise serious plots on the show, but she was quick-witted and sharp-tongued and it was great. Her insults were quick, efficient, and delivered at the perfect time to frustrate just about anyone and take them off guard. Half of the time, other characters probably didn't even realize that she was insulting them. Other characters on the show have dished out their fair share of insults themselves, but no one is going to top Rebekah's bitchiness. She was just too good at it.

She Had Potential

There was so much potential still left in Rebekah if she remained a main character. Her relationship with Marcel was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to her. It also just doesn't seem fair that her existence had to end because of something that happened hundreds of years ago. Yes, she did something really shitty — but that's not a sufficient ending for a character that still had plenty of evolving to do. Rebekah had everything in place to really turn the tables on every supernatural group in the French Quarter and her friendship with Hayley was just beginning. Everything about her story was just starting to become clear and take off — it just doesn't make any sense to remove an important and productive piece of the puzzle this early.

So bring her back, Julie Plec — or face the wrath of another legion of angry fans. Or maybe just stop writing-off characters and killing story lines that people like. Just a thought.

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