These Olympic Closing Ceremony Memes Are The Best

The Olympic Closing Ceremony is underway, and the unexpected star in Rio is undeniably the people in parrot suits. Yes, you read that right, parrots have taken over the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony and the Internet is loving every minute of it — so much so that tons of memes are already popping up about the Olympics closing ceremony. No one is ready for the Olympics to be over, but if they had to end then at least they can go out with a flurry of beautiful plumage and flags flying high.

Olympic fans have totally embraced the beautiful parrots as a symbol of Rio and the Olympics. The gorgeous birds are stealing the show — although the minute Simone Biles shows up they won't stand a chance. The parrot memes are totally essential viewing for anyone watching the ceremony. Not only will they keep you from getting teary eyed they will inspire you to keep the games going in your heart.

Anyone up for a parrot team in 2020? Start picking your favorite parrots now. They can't play basketball or pull off a perfect back flip, but they would win on shear cuteness alone. These parrot memes are exactly what you need in your life right now. Check them put and prepare to be dazzled — these birds (err... human birds) came to win!

This Guy Who Is Letting You Know What You Missed

Sam is everyone watching the closing ceremony.

This Person Who Speaks The Truth

No, seriously, what is happening?

This Super Considerate Person

I always appreciate a good parrot spoiler warning.

This Person Who Wishes The Parrots Would Come Back

Longest. Dance. Ever.

This Guy With Sneaker Envy

Everyone is in love with them because they are flawless.

This Person Who Has Taken DIY To Unsettling New Heights

Yeah, but do you have any parrots?

This Person Who Is Bracing Themselves For The Inevitable

Sad goodbyes are always best expressed with Michael Phelps pictures.

This Guy Who Just Wants To Get Your Hopes Up

It's not nice to tease.

This Person Trying To Win The Internet

You really cannot top the parrots, so why try?

This Person Who Knows How To Root For The Home Team


This Person Who Knows What's Up

I know what I want for Christmas.

This Person With Goals

The inspiration just does not stop in Rio.

This Guy Who Just Discovered Something Interesting About Rio

Rio's Lost in Space devotion needs to be admired.

And Tongo Because He Truly Was The Meme Of The Night

I'll miss you most of all, Tongo.

The Olympics may be over, but the Closing Ceremony memes will last forever.