Canada Is Rocking Mittens At The Closing Ceremony

It may have been the middle of summer in tropical Rio de Janeiro, but that didn't stop Team Canada from wearing mittens at the closing ceremony. Despite the forecast calling for temperatures in the low 70s, each member of the Canadian team — who surely is used to colder weather — donned a pair of admittedly adorable mittens for their last evening in Brazil. And of course, the questionable fashion choice has left Twitter going absolutely nuts.

All things considered, the temperature in Rio had dipped down to a breezy 66 degrees Fahrenheit by the time the closing ceremony was set to kick off. But the reason for the mittens — red and white striped with the country's signature maple leaf sewn onto the palm — had a bit of Canadian philanthropy attached to it.

Since 2009, the Hudson's Bay Company, Canada's leading chain of department stores, has held their Red Mitten Initiative, created to support Canada's athletes. For each pair of the red mittens sold, Hudson's Bay stores donate 30 percent of the sale to the Canadian Olympic Foundation — totaling out to an impressive $27 million raised so far.

So, even if they look a little strange, the athletes are actually doing themselves and future Canadian Olympians a favor by wearing the mittens in Rio's tropical climate. Still, Twitter couldn't help but notice:

Just remember, if you find yourself saying "O, Canada" over the mittens, they're at least for a good cause!