Aly Raisman's Instagram From The Closing Ceremony Proves She’s Got Her Priorities Straight

Just in case you didn't already have serious #FOMO after this year's summer Olympic games, Aly Raisman's Instagram from the closing ceremony in Rio celebrates just the important things in life: winning serious hardware and popcorn. Team USA's women's gymnastics captain definitely has her priorities straight.

The six-time Olympic medalist showed off her winning smile with teammates Madison Kocian and Laurie Hernandez while the group munched on popcorn while in an indoor staging area during the closing ceremony. After her showing in Rio — which doubled her lifetime medal count — Raisman became the second-most decorated American Olympic women's gymnast in history, behind 90's standout Shannon Miller.

Also pictured in the photo with Raisman, Kocian, and Hernandez are coaches Aimee Boorman and Maggie Haney. Chicago native Boorman is Simone Biles' coach, and Haney coaches Hernandez in Monmouth, New Jersey. Everyone is kitted out in transparent ponchos to protect their uniforms from a sudden rainstorm.

So, what's in store for Raisman after the closing ceremony wraps up? A bit of a break for sure, but afterwards, she hasn't ruled out going for a third games. "Someone said to me, ‘Do you realize if you just get one more medal, you’re tied with Shannon Miller, and if you get another one’ – which is obviously way easier said than done – ‘then you’ll be by yourself up there,’" she told US Weekly. "I definitely need a break just to kind of take time, I’ll probably take a year off like I did last time."

Check out Raisman's moment of pure happiness below:

Completely ignoring the epic double take happening in the background, this is a simple, yet hard-earned, moment of joy for Raisman and the rest of the women in the photo as they celebrate the end of a successful 2016 Summer Olympic games.

Clearly nothing, not even the steady stream of tropical rain that poured into the stadium for a decent part of the ceremony, will be able to dampen their parade for a while to come. The "Final Five" definetely brought their all this year, and have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments in Rio. But Raisman and her crew will have to get back into the gym soon, in order to secure spots on the streamlined team to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games.