Aly & Simone Are #FriendshipGoals

Truth be told, I've been high-key obsessed with Aly Raisman and Simone Biles throughout the entire 2016 Olympics, so this photo of them at the closing ceremony is everything. The Olympic gymnasts have repeatedly shown the world what #FriendshipGoals really means — particularly when Biles revealed that she was happier for Raisman scoring the silver medal in the individual all-around final than she was for her own gold — so of course their super cute, wearing-ponchos-in-the-rain embrace takes the cake. GUYS, I COULDN'T LOVE THEM ANYMORE THAN I ALREADY DO.

The gold medalists posed for the camera during the super rainy closing ceremony, hugging it out while getting absolutely soaked by the rain. It's one of those moments where Biles and Raisman probably didn't even notice the weather, though, because nothing could be happier than the Final Five teammates closing out such a crazy successful Olympics with gigantic smiles and an even bigger hug. And really, who cares about a downpour when they have a whopping six Olympic gold medals between them? Not to mention the fact that they share a friendship worth more than any amount of medals (awww).

While the two are Team USA teammates for possibly the last time ever — unless both are back for Tokyo 2020, and I am certainly crossing my fingers for that one — you better believe that they're going to end the Olympics on a high note. And what better way to go out than hamming it up for the camera at the closing ceremony? Werk it, ladies! FINAL FIVE 4 LIFE.