Yes, That Brushing Teeth Sound At The Olympics Closing Ceremony Already Has Memes In Its Honor

It was no secret that the Olympics closing ceremony would include a lot of LOL-worthy memes, but honestly, I never thought it would bring us all one about this. During the Olympics closing ceremony, a weird effect that sounded like brushing teeth played over some music, and yes: It's already prompted a few (hundred) jokes and memes from the quick-witted, fast-typing Twitter community. I mean, yes, the sound was subtle and small and maybe not even noticeable if you had the volume down low, but it totally did sound like someone was brushing their teeth ridiculously close to the camera's microphone or something, so of course the Internet can't let it go ignored without at least some acknowledgement! I mean, come on: What would we be if we did?

Of course, considering this is the Olympics closing ceremony, the attention moved away from the brushing teeth sound quick — but thanks to these memes, it'll definitely be immortalized online forever (or, at least, the next few weeks until its buried in Twitter timelines only to be found by some sort of deep dive search). It's not clear what was actually making the sound of brushing teeth ring so clearly during the moment, but it is clear that it was hilarious.