Tokyo 2020 Montage Memes Put Super Mario In The Driver’s Seat For The Next Olympic Games

A customary part of the Olympics closing ceremonies is when the host country for next iteration of the games gives a preview of what viewers, athletes, and attendees can expect in four years, and the mayor of the current host city passes the Olympic flag to the mayor (or governor, in this case) of the next host city. Japan's preview of its Olympics already has the internet blowing up with Tokyo 2020 preview memes that will have you counting down the days until the next opening ceremonies, with many people saying that the country's preview was so stellar, it looks like they'd be ready to host the event tomorrow. "Don't you get the feeling Tokyo is already ready for the 2020 games?" said a NBC commenter. It was truly impressive, humorous, and strange. What, you didn't expect to tee the Prime Minister of Japan dressed up as Super Mario?

The preview embraced all things commonly associated with Japanese pop culture, with references to Pac-Man, anime, Hello Kitty, and Nintendo. It's clear that Japan is going to approach the games with a distinct sense of fun and humor. Can you picture Dilma Roussef popping out of that iconic green tube?

Cue the sound of a bunch of millennials freaking the eff out.

Even the Pikachu are lining up.

Uh oh.

Maybe the track & field competitions will look a little like this.

And surely the leader of the country will be less controversial than Brazil's. See you in Tokyo, world.