Izabel Goulart Appeared At The Closing Ceremony & Showed Everyone How Dancing's Done

Brazil's closing ceremony for the 2016 Olympic Games on Sunday, Aug. 21 offered us all a final glimpse at seeing the world's athletes come together — it's an opportunity we won't have for another four years. They set high bars in their sports. They showed us unity and empowerment. And they taught us during Sunday's show that some of them are really not the best dancers, though they will not be judged for that. But audiences were definitely pleasantly surprised to see Brazilian supermodel and Victoria's Secret angel, Izabel Goulart show up during the Closing Ceremony's final dance, and well, dance.

Rio's opening ceremony surprised everyone with a special appearance from supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who performed her final catwalk for the world. She didn't attend this year's closing event, though she did share a message to her Instagram with a shoutout to Brazil, noting, "Congratulations to all of the Olympic athletes, especially to our 465 Brazilian athletes! Thank you for giving your best and representing our country so well. ... May we continue to lead with uniting the world with positivity and joy for all our days ahead."

Even though Bündchen wasn't there to celebrate the final night, people were definitely thrilled to see Goulart dancing during the final dance of the night.

Goulart also gave fans a shoutout behind the scenes ahead of the event with a quick note to her Instagram account that read "Getting ready for the Olympics closing ceremony !! Come share with me all these unique moments!!"

And here she is, showing off her dance moves:

Some people were absolutely stunned by the details of her outfit. One Twitter user shared, "These carnivale outfits are everything. Look at the details on @iza_goulart's fit."

We were even lucky enough to get a quick glimpse of her with the giant vegetables — or trees — in the background.

One thing's for sure, Goulart was doing her thing and the Twitterverse absolutely lost it. Cheers to Rio's 2016 Olympics!