They Don't Live In Their House Either?!

First the Kardashians, now the Dunphys. According to reports, Modern Family 's Phil and Claire Dunphy's house is for sale. If you can really call it that. You see, the Dunphy's have been claiming to live in the large Los Angeles home for the past five years while filming Modern Family, a reality show about a diverse California family, but they've been using a fake exterior shot of their home. We know the truth now because, like with the Kardashians, the impostor house has been put on the market. It doesn't make sense. Sure, the Dunphys are on TV, but are paparazzi really going to come after them the way they would with the Kardashians? Do they really need to do this as a safety measure? I, for one, think this is ridiculous and I'm sure I'm not alone.

The house, which is in LA's Cheviot Hills neighborhood, is listed for $2.35 million and has four bedrooms and four and a half baths. Listing agent Mitch Hagerman says that at one point the interior of the house was actually used for filming the show which is unbelievable. "In the beginning, the interior was used for a bit. Later, the interiors were recreated in studio sets.” Really? Studio sets? This is even worse than the Kardashians. At least we know that the interior shots are filmed in their real house. With the Dunphys, we have no idea at all! And to think, they seemed so sincere.

The real estate website listing the house is using this as a selling point. "You might even recognize this home as Claire and Phil Dunphy's house." Ugh, disgusting. Is anyone in this world real anymore? What's next? Do Gloria and Jay live in their house? I knew he made a lot of money, but that house is humongous and then there's that pool! It's gotta be fake. And what about Cam and Mitch? I bet they don't live in their's either. Horrible. Just horrible.

Image: Zillow