As the country reels from George Zimmerman's acquittal, turns out the news was great for cable TV networks ratings—over 10 million viewers tuned in Saturday night alone.

Apple says it will "fully investigate" claims that a woman in China died from electrocution because she used her iPhone as it recharged.

An Irish MP forced a female MP onto his lap during a debate in Parliament about abortion. Because male politicians from around the world seem to agree: we must take this sensitive issue, debate it, and be insanely disrespectful to women in the process.

Harrowing stories are arising from a for-profit prison in Mississippi, where the assault rate is three times higher than neighboring state-run facilities.

New Jersey received a $4.5 million donation from the United Arab Emirates for Sandy relief.

A double whammy for the paranoid among us: Turns out googling your weird symptoms can lead to major privacy violations by the healthcare industry.

Subliminal messaging and home-cooked Frostees: Have you seen the new Wendy's logo? No, have you really seen it?

Do you see it?


Speaking of dudes, a woman on her way to a Dave Matthews Band concert stopped to help out a hitchhiker, and, dudes, It was Dave Matthews!

New York Magazine has your guide to enjoying "maybe-sexist" music.

This 12-year-old Egyptian kid can explain the nuances of "fascist theocracy," because, well, he "listens a lot and uses [his] own brain." (Making him smarter than most of us adults.)