This Is How You Know You're Not Over A Breakup

When you can't bear to throw out their stuff, when that song comes on the radio and you have to turn it off, and when you switch between stalking and blocking them on social media, it's pretty clear you're not over your ex. A new BuzzFeed video reveals the seven major signs you haven't moved on from a breakup, and they are all painfully real.

Although there's no timeline for heartbreak, nobody wants to wallow in emotional turmoil forever. According to one study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, three months is the sweet spot where you magically transform from blubbering mess (or hardened, tearless warrior) to kiiiinda thinking that whole experience might have taught you something after all.

In a survey of 1,404 university students between 18-25, 71 percent of participants viewed their former relationship in a positive light after 11 weeks had passed. And the most interesting part? This time table held true whether they were the dumper or the dumpee. So good news! If you're sick of the cliche cycle of overeating, under eating, celibacy, rebound sex, and binge watching that can happen after you cut ties with an S.O., the odds are it won't last forever.

Images: Fotolia; BuzzFeed/YouTube