7 Spock Memes to Help You Weather Storm Vulcan

Hunker down people, because winter storm Vulcan will ravage the Northeast and Midwest for most of this week, squashing all hopes of warmer, less hellish March. Although New York state will be "pounded" with top windspeeds and heavy snow until Thursday, and the entire blizzard area will once again see record low temperatures, I'm optimistic. The name "Vulcan" inspires confidence that this storm will be absolutely furious, but reasonable.

Oh wait, those are just the qualities Buzzfeed associated with "Vulcan" when they predicted this storm name over a month ago. Well friends in the blizzard zone, this storm may be completely illogical, but you can still live long and prosper. Maybe you can play paper, scissors, rock, lizard, Spock to keep your fingers from freezing off. Or maybe you could host a Star Trek viewing party, complete with cookies in the shape of pointy ears. The possibilities are endless, but really guys, you just have to stay inside by the glow of a warm TV set and pretend that whatever is happening outside, isn't happening.

So, in honor of this ridiculously-named Polar Vortex sequel, I give you our best Vulcan and Spock memes. If this storm doesn't break the Northeast entirely, we could really start to have some Starfleet-inspired fun. Check 'em out:

Live long and prosper, winter ones!