14 Reasons Janner Is Relationship Goals

by Marenah Dobin

Nine times out of 10, couples that form on reality TV do not work out in the real world. Out of that small fraction that do, there's an even smaller portion that are actually likable. And Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are in that elite group that exemplify relationship goals. Whether you're single or in a happy relationship, there are many aspects of the Janner union that are enviable to anyone with eyes.

When it comes down to it, Jade and Tanner are couple with balance. They are obviously in love, but they are not over the top with the PDA or social media posts. They have the fame of being reality stars all while maintaining the accessible appeal of normal people. They are a Bachelor franchise success story, and have somehow pulled off not being super cheesy about the whole situation.

People question the validity of the relationships that form on Bachelor in Paradise, but these two are the real deal for sure. Couples on reality TV and in the real world can take a cue from these two. Why are Jade and Tanner relationship goals? Let me count the ways.

1. They Have A Lot Of Mutual Friends

Not only did Jade and Tanner make connections with each other while they were on reality TV, but they also made a bunch of friends along the way.

2. They Are An Affectionate Couple

These two make a loving couple, but they aren't annoying about it. All of their affection is genuine and sweet.

3. They Can Match And Not Look Lame

Normally, I throw up in my mouth if I see a couple wearing the same thing on purpose, but these two make it look cool. Plus, it's not like they are wearing the same exact glasses. They struck a balance between being cute and being too much about it.

4. They Enjoy The Same Music

If you follow Jade or Tanner on Instagram, you know that these two go to a lot of concerts. Either they like the same music, or they are nice enough to compromise and listen to each other's favorites.

5. They Don't Take Being A Part Of The Bachelor Too Seriously

Yes, Jade and Tanner owe their marriage to being a part of the Bachelor franchise, but they still recognize that the ridiculous nature of it all, and have a shared sense of humor.

7. They Do Nice Things For Each Other

Janner gets that life is all about the little things, like bringing your husband his favorite smoothie at work. I also love that Tanner has an actual job and isn't a former reality TV star for a living.

8. They Cook Together

Instead of one person taking on the responsibility of family chef, Tanner and Jade make cooking a fun bonding activity instead of a chore.

9. They Make Each Other Laugh

Having a spouse that makes you laugh has to make every day infinitely better. A good laugh can fix any bad mood.

10. They Post Instagram #Ads Together

A lot of people make fun of reality stars who post on Instagram for money, but I don't get it. Why would you want to post on Instagram for free if you have the option to profit from it? Jade and Tanner are capitalizing on their fame and I give them all of the props for it.

11. They Are Charitable

Jade and Tanner use the reality TV spotlight to benefit plenty of people outside of themselves. They are constantly using their time to spread awareness to help worthy causes.

12. They Are Silly

Janner seem to have fun all the time no matter what, even if they are just casually hanging around the house.

13. They Catch Pokemon

You know how the age old adage goes: The couple that catches Pokemon together stays together, right?

14. They Are Photogenic

This is obviously not a serious aspect of any relationship, but it definitely does not hurt.

Sadly, there is only one Janner. Thankfully, we can all enjoy (and be jealous of) the perfect couple thanks to social media.