19 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

To be honest, I'm kinda tired of hating on Halloween. Every year I'm all "I don't *do* Halloween," and roll my eyes at people who do. But if I'm really being honest with myself, I want to do Halloween, I just don't really know how to, and I get intimidated by the whole process. Maybe if I had more inspo like these lazy Halloween costume ideas for couples in 2016 in years prior I'd be into it, but typically, the people I tend to date are have the same lack of enthusiasm for the holiday, too. This year, though, I'm over being over it. Halloween looks like a lot of fun from the sidelines and I'm going to take the time to figure out a costume with my partner, far enough in advance that I don't get anxiety and freak out about it.

It's supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be funny. Inadvertently dressing up as the Grinch every year with my RBF is so over-played. So while I'm totally on the Halloween train this year, I'm on the train my way. The lazy way! What, you think I'm going to go twentysomething years showing up at Halloween parties dressed as myself and glide straight into custom costuming? No, no, I'm going to the laziest version of whatever I chose. So for those of you who want to partake in the festivities but have been lazy and sour about it for so long that you don't even understand how costuming works, these are 20 no-hassle costumes I've dreamed up for you:

Hi-Fi & Inkwell

Instagram is for lovers. Dress up in hues of your favorite filters. Add a label if you don't like to keep people guessing.

What You'll Need: For Mrs. Inkwell, you're going to have to stick to blacks, whites, and grays, as that's all your filter permits. Start with a black knit hat, ($16, River Island) add a gray shirt ($35, American Eagle), some black pants for even more contrast ($18, H&M), and finish it off with some white shoes ($25, H&M) to be sure you hit every color in your palette. For Mr. Hi-Fi, get saturated. Get yourself a bold green hat ($9, Amazon), a bright red shirt ($18, GAP), some blue pants ($78, Trussardi), and knock it out of the park with some bright yellow kicks ($70, Adidas).

Image: Polyvore

Piper & Alex

Maybe one of TV's most troubled yet well-matched couple. Throw on some orange scrubs and call yourself an inmate with your girlfriend.

What You'll Need: Unless you happen to have a few inmate uniforms or orange scrubs lying around, you'll need to get some of those — top ($18, Bealls), bottom ($29, Scrubs for College), and shoes ($20, Nine West). Whoever gets to be Alex should do some seriously winged eyeliner and wear these neat glasses ($8, Amazon).

Image: Polyvore

Rosé & Tap Beer

Two fantastic drink orders, and a few puns. Dress yourself in pink with a hint of french fashion, and have your partner dress up in some Lederhosen and tap shoes, get it, beer-on-tap?

What You'll Need: For rosé, you'll want to wear all pink — different shades are fine. Find yourself a long pink dress, ($27, Dorothy Perkins), a pink beret so everyone knows you're French ($31, Shoebuy), and a wine glass just to drive the point home ($35, Lord & Taylor). For Tap Beer, you'll need a pair of Lederhosen, assuming you don't already have a pair ($34, Bavarian-Lederhosen), a pair of tap shoes — again, assuming you don't already own a pair ($81, Zappos), and a beer mug ($5.95, CB2).

Image: Polyvore

Sandy & Danny

It's a classic. You can throw it together with any black, tight-fitting pieces from your already-existing wardrobe, *or* you can use it as an excuse to add some more black to your wardrobe. Slick your hair back and call it *greased lightning*!

What You'll Need: Lots of black clothes! For Sandy, you'll need an off-the-shoulder black top ($28, Miss Selfridge), some tight black pants ($10, H&M), some red high-heeled dancing shoes ($30, ZooShoo), and some fierce red lipstick ($7, Target). For Danny, you'll need a snug black t-shirt ($8.49, Amazon), some black pants ($51, Topman) and some black dancing shoes ($45, JC Penny).

Image: Polyvore

Tomato / Tomato

Whether you're from one side of the pond and call it toe-mah-toh, or from the other side of the pond and call it toe-may-toe, you're both talking about the same thing so let's call the whole thing off.

What You'll Need: For Mrs. Toh-Mah-Toh, you'll need your most French-looking red dress ($19, Shein) and a red beret ($29, Nordstrom). For Mr. Tah-May-Toe, you'll need first and foremost a Red Sox or baseball cap ($34, Macy's) and a red shirt ($46, Yoox) and red pants ($34, Yoox).

Image: Polyvore

Eleven & Mike

It's never too soon to start dressing like a hit TV couple, even if you're not sure your friend have finished watching the season yet. Stranger Things friends/maybe future baes Eleven and Mike are the most adorable, compassionate, and charming kids on TV right now. But did you really need an excuse to walk around with waffles all night?

What You'll Need: For Eleven, you'll need a pink, collared dress ($23, May Kool), a navy blue rain coat ($8, Thread Up) some retro tube socks ($10.95, Amazon), any sneakers you like, a box of Eggos, and a walkie talkie ($30, Amazon). For Mike, you'll just need a retro striped t-shirt ($13, Macy's), some simple blue jeans ($20, H&M), sneakers of your choice, and a firm grip on the other walkie talkie! You know, in case Will tries to get in touch.

Image: Polyvore

PB & J

Everyone's favorite lunch item from the '90s, brought to life! Got some purple stuff? Got some brown stuff? Great! You're ready to be peanut butter and jelly!

What You'll Need: Some purples and some browns! For Mrs. Jelly, wear a purple dress ($30, Rent the Runway), pair it with some purple tights ($5, Target), a purple cap ($23, Back Country), any color dark shoes, and finish it off with a purple lip ($12.75, Urban Decay). For Mr. Peanut Butter, you'll want to pair a brown tee, ($19, Kohls), with some brown pants ($30, Khols), some brown shoes ($45, 6PM), and top it off with a brown beanie ($8, ASOS). Now you're ready for PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!

Image: Polyvore

Eve & Eve

Who needs Adam? This year, you and your girlfriend can re-write history.

What You'll Need: Be bold in this nude jumpsuit ($65, Matte), add some nude-colored shoes, like these ($45, Billabong) or these ($40, 6PM), and add in a thematic accessory like this leaf clutch ($60, Casetify) or this apple purse, ($78, Betsy Johnson), and you're all set!

Image: Polyvore

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Arguably one of the most iconic real-life-couple-inducing movies of all time. This is the movie that Brad and Angie allegedly fell in love during. Be wooed by the romance and be relieved by the effort, this is the most basic, yet recognizable, consumers there is.

What You'll Need: Not much! For Mrs. Smith, you'll need an extra-long white blouse that you can wear as a dress, or this ($21, Dorothy Perkins) and some red rain boots like these ($60, 6PM). For Mr. Smith, you'll need a simple white undershirt ($23, Ebags) and some white shorts ($30, Wolf & Badger). Stay warm!

Image: Polyvore

Vincent Vega & Mia Wallace

This Pulp Fiction Couple is bound to show up at a Halloween party. But just because it's overdone doesn't mean it's not good. Besides, minus the fake blood Mia should add to her nose, the ensemble is totally re-wearable. And when you're lazy and it's Halloween, what's better than a two-in-one new outfit and costume?

What You'll Need: For Mia, you'll need a black, short wig ($11.99, Amazon), a white blouse ($21, Dorothy Perkins), some black pants ($39, Dorothy Perkins), and a nice smear of red lipstick ($7, NYX). For Vincent, you'll need a black blazer ($79, Amazon), a white shirt ($70, Topman), some black pants ($60, River Island) and a string neck tie ($28, Humble Chic).

Image: Polyvore

E.T. & Elliott

OK, so they're not exactly a couple but they sure are a match made in, er, space? This duo will crank up the nostalgia wherever you go. Particularly for E.T., all you have to do is wear that sheet around your head and body and poke your pointer finger out at people.

What You'll Need: For Elliot, you'll need a red hoodie ($36, Yoox), some basic blue jeans ($21, Hollister) and some retro sneaks ($65, Lord & Taylor). For E.T., you'll just need a white sheet ($29.99, Nordstrom). Easy peasy!

Image: Polyvore

Party Animals

It's kinda punny, it's a little bit scary, and it's very lazy! Grab a simple, plastic animal mask at your local party store and pair with any old party outfit.

What You'll Need: For the bunny, you'll need a bright party dress, like this ($42, Lily Boutique), and some shiny party shoes ($23, Amazon), and of course a bunny mask ($8, Amazon). For the lion, you'll need a black party suit with pants like these ($25, Kohls) and a blazer like this ($75, Kohls), dress shoes of your choice, and a lion mask ($4.99, Lynchs).

Image: Polyvore

Peter Pan & Wendy

Listen, don't get upset with me. I know they're not like, an official couple, but they're definitely a duo. Plus one of them is in tights and the other is in bed clothes, so if you value comfort, this is the perfect costume for you and your lazy partner.

What You'll Need: For Wendy, you'll need a nightgown. Anything blue will do, or you can grab this one ($35, Land's End), some slippers ($20, Target), and a bow for your hair ($6.99, Amazon). For Peter, you'll need a green shirt, like this ($35, Madewell), some green tights ($10.99, Amazon) and a green hat ($15, Luxury Divas) — and happy thoughts, duh.

Image: Polyvore

Hot Sauce

Over the course of the last year, hot sauce has gone from a common condiment, to the shining star of various meals. Some people carry portable Sriracha bottles in their purses. It's spicy, it's hot, it's a little dangerous, dress the party and you can be, too. Also maybe chew cinnamon gum just to really pull it all together.

What You'll Need: Pool together everything you have that's red, or bright orange. For Mrs. Hot Sauce, you might want to grab this dress ($25.99, May Kool), these shoes ($41, Yoins), some fire-themed jewelry, like these ($43, John Lewis), and finish it off with a red lip. For Mr. Hot Sauce, you'll want some red pants ( $13, Van Mildert), a red shirt ($30, Belk), and some flaming orange shoes ($26, 6PM).

Image: Polyvore

Hannah Montana & Miley

You and your girlfriend can have the best of both worlds this Halloween. That's right, you can chill out and take it slow and then you can rock out the show. If you're playing the part of farm girl Miley, put your hair in pigtails to amp up your cute-factor.

What You'll Need: For Hannah, you'll need a flashy jacket ($84, Yoox), some wild bell-bottoms ($22, West 32nd Boutique), a pair of bright-colored sunglasses ($30, Brand Outlet), and a wig ($11.99, Amazon). For Miley, you'll need a flannel country shirt ($23, Abercrombie), a pair of distressed blue jean shorts ($34, Etsy), and of course, some cowgirl boots ($19.50, Zulily).

Image: Polyvore

Britney & Justin

You know the outfit. It was 15 years ago, and it was an event we'll be telling our grandkids about. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up to the American Music Awards wearing matching denim ensembles. And the world was like, "Why?"

What You'll Need: Basically, just gather every piece of denim you have. You'll need a denim top ($7.99, BooHoo), some denim flares ($81, Matches Fashion), a jean jacket ($79, Urban Outfitters), and a major throw-back denim bucket hat ($55, Nordstrom). Anything denim will do.

Image: Polyvore

Noir Burglars

Not real burglars — just like, cute, French cinema Noir burglars. You know, the kind who wear stripes and tip-toe? That kind!

What You'll Need: A striped shirt ($40, Brooks Brothers), some black form-fitting pants ($12, River Island), any black knit hat to hide your hair ($9.90, Aeropostale), a mask ($0.99, Party City), and any dark shoes.

Image: Polyvore

Christian & Anna

A controversial couple, to say the least. But in defense of lazy costuming, why not put something together that you can later wear to a work meeting? You know what I mean?

What You'll Need: Any sharp grey suit ($149, Bloomingdales), a tan trench coach ($68, Miss Selfridge), a burgundy, body-hugging dress ($50, Fair Indigo), and a business-like bag ($48, Ebags) and of course, some sky-high pumps, ($20, Shein).

Image: Polyvore

Bananas In Pajamas

For the ultimate lazy couple, this is your costume. Wear it out to the parties, and wear it to bed. You're welcome!

What You'll Need: Any pair of comfy blue and white striped pajamas ($149, House of Fraser), any old pair of house slippers ($43, Zady), and some banana accessories like this key chain ($32, Macy's) or this phone cover ($33, Zappos). Or if you're really feeling lazy, just grab a banana from the grocery store.

Image: Polyvore

Images: Giphy; Polyvore