20 Easy DIY Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Confession: I am absolutely obsessed with Halloween. And if you are anything like me, the end of the summer means that it is time to brainstorm DIY couples Halloween costume ideas to wear with a significant other. I mean, did you really think I was going to let the people in my life get away without trying my crazy ideas? No one is safe from my wrath.

Let’s be real, though. I know most people prefer easy Halloween costumes that can be thrown together at the last minute. This is especially true for the non-crafty types who just want something sweet and simple. Yet, store-bought outfits can cost a pretty penny. And for something you are going to wear just once — maybe twice — this year, it usually is not worth it.

That is where this list comes in. These couples costumes ideas are do-it-yourself because they require styling certain pieces to create the same look as a ready-made outfit. And while some ideas do require a little handiwork, nothing beyond cutting and gluing is necessary. I promise.

Besides, dressing up with your honey is always a good time. It creates a hilarious bonding moment that is totally Instagram-worthy. Here are 20 ideas to get you started.

1. Peanut butter and jelly

When you and your significant other go together like peanut butter and jelly, it only makes sense to turn the metaphor into a costume. Luckily, it's extremely easy to make with a few supplies and a little elbow grease.

To make a peanut butter and jelly costume, each of you will need a light tan shirt ($8, Amazon ) to represent slices of bread. Buy large segments of felt in tan ($11, Amazon ) and purple ($7, Amazon ). Alternatively, you can use paper or cotton fabric. Cut the tan felt into a large, wavy-edged rectangle and adhere to the shirt with tape or glue. Repeat with the purple felt and second shirt.

2. Wilma & Fred Flintstone

Take it back to the '60s with a charming Flintstone couples costume. This pair is so recognizable that everyone will know exactly who you are.

Fred needs a sleeveless orange shirt ($7, Amazon ) embellished with triangles cut from black felt ($5, Amazon). Top it off with a neon blue tie ($8, Amazon). Wilma, his wife, requires a one-shoulder white dress ($19, Amazon) and a chunky white necklace ($9, A SOS ). Make it official by wearing a red-orange wig ($11, Amazon ) in a bun.

3. Ash & Misty

It goes without saying that Pokemon made the ultimate comeback this past year. It also gives the perfect reason for a Pokemon-obsessed couple to dress up as Ash and Misty this Halloween. Extra points for dressing up a pet or younger sibling as your favorite Pokemon.

An Ash outfit needs a sleeveless blue vest ($16, Amazon) over a white t-shirt ($4, Amazon). The costume also requires fingerless green gloves ($8, Amazon) and a red and white trucker hat ($7, Amazon). You can recreate the symbol on his hat using a black marker or acrylic paint.

Misty calls for a yellow sleeveless crop top ($10, Topshop), denim shorts ($40, Mango), and red suspenders ($7, Amazon). Red Converse sneakers ($55, Amazon ) can easily double as the real Misty's shoes.

4. Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker

Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Consider dressing up in Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker costumes. The DIY versions are typically cheaper than store-bought alternatives. Plus, there's a good chance you can re-use the clothing past the Halloween season.

Princess Leia requires a white bell-sleeved top ($19, Shein) and a long white maxi skirt ($19, Maykool). If you can't find both pieces, a white bell-sleeved maxi dress works well. Complete the look with a thick leather belt ($12, Roswe) and Princess Leia's iconic double-bun hairdo.

The venerable Luke Skywalker will need nothing more than a white bathrobe ($19, Amazon), white pants ($20, Amazon), and a brown holster belt ($18, Amazon). Don't forget to power up your lightsaber ($13, Amazon ), too.

5. Alice & the March Hare

Lovers of Disney's whimsical Alice in Wonderland will swoon over this cute and quirky couples costume idea. Many of the items needed can be used all year round, letting you get the most out of your Halloween outfits.

To dress up as Alice, you'll need a blue dress ($60, Chicwish) and a frilly white apron ($14, Amazon). Complete the look with a simple black headband ($4, Forever 21), white tights ($15, Macys), and a pair of black flats ($16, Forever 21). Easy peasy.

The March Hare's outfit can also be created with just a few pieces. Start with a white oxford shirt ($10, Amazon) and a red blazer ($40, Amazon). Style it with olive green pants ($15, Topman) and brown shoes ($60, Topman). Finish it off with a red bow tie ($7, Amazon), brown rabbit ears ($9, Amazon), and crazy facial expressions.

6. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

For another playful spin on the Alice in Wonderland crew, dress up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. There's no doubt that your costumes will scream "double trouble" on the most mischievous holiday of the year.

To dress up as this dynamic duo, each person will need a yellow long-sleeved shirt ($6, Amazon ) layered over a white oxford ($10, Amazon). Pair it with red pants ($21, Amazon ) and accessorize with a blue bow tie ($7, Amazon ) and red beret ($13, Amazon ). Finally, practice a few synchronized dance moves before you head out the door.

7. The Cheshire Cat & Queen of Hearts

But wait... there's more. The Cheshire Cat is another quintessential character that is all about sass and mischief. He has quite the reputation of messing around with others, including the hot-tempered Queen of Hearts. With the right approach, you and your boo can create DIY costumes inspired by these two popular characters.

The Cheshire Cat calls for a purple and pink striped shirt ($30, Macys). Don't stress out if you can't find a shirt in the exact colors; any shades of purple and pink will get the point across. Wear it with pink or purple pants ($10, Amazon) and top it off with a pair of purple cat ears ($6, Amazon).

The Queen of Hearts can also be recreated without fancy clothing. For a simplified version, wear a black and red dress ($80, Modcloth) with a full bottom. Wear a gold plastic crown ($8, Amazon) from the party store and your best RBF. Accessorize with a functional accessory like this darling flamingo purse ($25, Amazon).

8. Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love

Take a tip from the Kurt and Courtney by channeling your inner grunge rockstars. Thankfully, '90s fashion has been making a comeback; this costume idea will be extremely easy to take on. You might even already own some of the pieces required.

Kurt was known for his striped shirts ($40, L.L. Bean) and distressed jeans ($40, Old Navy). Leave your hair down, and you're all done.

As for Courtney? This costume needs a floral '90s-inspired dress ($20, Charlotte Russe), choker ($3, Romwe), and combat boots ($22, Charlotte Russe). Get ready to rock n' roll, lady.

9. Mario & Luigi

You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to know all about Nintendo's most famous duo, Mario and Luigi. These besties have been around for so long that people of all ages will recognize the outfits.

To dress up as these legendary characters, each person needs a pair of denim overalls ($25, Amazon). One should wear a red shirt ($4, Amazon) while the other wears a green version ($3, Amazon). Both basic shirts can be found in the fabric section of your local craft store. Add Mario and Luigi hats ($12, Amazon) and fake mustaches ($6, Amazon) to complete the look.

10. Mario & Princess Peach

If you're looking for a more "lovey" take on a Nintendo couples costume, dress up as Mario and Princess Peach. This is especially fun if one of you loves to indulge in feminine outfits.

Princess Peach requires an ethereal pink maxi dress ($50, Chicwish) and a crown ($8, Amazon). Emphasize the look with big gem ring studs ($4, Forever 21).

11. Cookie Monster & a cookie

Cookie Monster might very well be the most lovable character on Sesame Street. Besides, I can get behind his love for chocolate chip cookies. He knows what's up.

His adoration for cookies happens to make an awesome couples costume idea. This can be done with the perfect pairing of t-shirts. One person should wear a Cookie Monster t-shirt ($11, Amazon) while the other should wear a t-shirt with a cookie design ($20, Amazon). How's that for quick and comfy?

12. Lucy & Ricky

If you're looking for old-school inspiration, consider dressing up as Ricky and Lucy, the iconic couple of I Love Lucy. This hilarious duo has a humorous relationship that many of us would love.

This is another easy costume option. Ricky requires an oxford shirt ($10, Amazon), blazer ($22, Amazon), and a tie ($10, Amazon). If possible, slick the hair back for Ricky's iconic suave look. Lucy needs a retro dress with a full bottom ($16, Romwe), large stud earrings ($5, Forever 21), and a red lip.

13. Beyoncé & Jay-Z

For a more current inspiration, dress up as Queen Bey and Jay-Z. These two are so fierce; how can you not love them? You and your other half will feel pretty darn cool channeling your inner superstars.

There are a few ways you can take this on. For best results, go down the glam route to emphasize those celebrity vibes. Jay-Z can rock a simple white t-shirt ($4, Amazon) with chunky chain necklaces ($7, Amazon), jeans, and a blazer. Beyoncé should wear something bold and gutsy, like a plunging romper ($75, Nasty Gal) and killer heels ($17, Target).

14. Justin & Britney

Oh, Jitney. Our teenybopper hearts loved you guys so much. Fortunately, recreating this legendary double denim look is totally doable. The thrift store is your friend with this costume idea.

Justin needs a light blue shirt topped off with a denim jacket ($23, Amazon) and a matching jean fedora ($16, Amazon). Any kind of denim bottoms will work, but a pair of baggier blue jeans ($20, Amazon) is the best bet. Finish off the look with a chunky rhinestone necklace ($18, Amazon) and a pair of tinted aviator sunglasses ($13, Amazon). Ramen hair is optional but encouraged.

As for Britney? This costume requires a strapless denim dress ($33, Ericdress). Extra points for patchwork details. Accessorize with a tiny denim purse ($19, Amazon), a chain belt ($18, ASOS), and a wide rhinestone choker ($23, Amazon). Don't forget to rehearse those dance moves.

15. Britney & Madonna

OK, so maybe Jitney didn't last forever. However, it's safe to say that the buzz of Britney and Madonna's infamous 2003 kiss totally did. Thirteen years later, and you can be sure that people will still recognize this costume pairing.

Britney needs a short white lace dress ($35, Forever 21), multiple strands of white necklaces ($8, Amazon), and white lace fingerless gloves ($6, Amazon). Madonna needs a plain black tank top layered under a black corset bustier top ($10, Amazon). Style it with black jeans ($40, Uniqlo) and long sleeve gloves ($2, Amazon). Hopefully, Justin won't get too jealous.

16. Ketchup & mustard

Love food? Yeah, I know you do. Acknowledge your foodieness by dressing up as ketchup and mustard, America's favorite condiments.

This is another one that is super easy to throw together at the last minute. Ketchup requires a red shirt ($4, Amazon) and red beanie ($4, Forever 21), while mustard needs a yellow shirt ($5, Amazon) and yellow beanie ($4, Forever 21). To emphasize your costume, print out the words "ketchup" and "mustard" and tape to the t-shirts.

17. Ketchup & fries

Alternatively, one of you can dress up as french fries. If you and your other half have a soft spot for fast food, this one is for you.

Something as simple as a shirt featuring a tasty graphic of french fries ($13, Amazon) is all you need. Pose with a ketchup costume from the last idea, and you're ready to serve up some Halloween goodness.

18. Harry & Hermione

Unleash your magical side by channeling your inner wizards. And since Harry and Hermione are extremely recognizable characters, this is a fun one to take on if you love these two BFFs.

Each costume needs a Gryffindor robe and tie ($24, Amazon). Harry requires a pair of round glasses ($6, Amazon) and a lightning bolt scar made with liquid latex ($12, Amazon). Hermione needs a time turner necklace ($9, eBay ).

19. Sandy & Danny

Like most of the quintessential couples of pop culture, Sandy and Danny don't need much to be noticed. There's also a good chance you already own these items. If not, you can definitely find everything in a single shopping trip.

A Sandy costume calls for a black off-the-shoulder top ($7, Amazon), tight black jeans ($40, Uniqlo), and killer red heels ($13, Gojane). Danny, on the other hand, needs a sleeveless black shirt ($5, Amazon), and black jeans ($50, Uniqlo). Complete the look with hair gel, sass, and your best dance moves.

20. Zombie groom & bride

In true Halloween spirit, dressing up as Frankenstein and his Bride is as classic as it gets. This is the perfect opportunity to play around with face makeup, fake scars, and everything in between.

To dress up as Frankenstein, start with a black oxford shirt ($10, Amazon), a black jacket ($22, Amazon), and a black bow tie ($7, Amazon). The Bride needs a white cape dress ($25, Sears) and a monster bride wig ($15, Amazon). For the full look, apply an intense layer of white and black eye shadow.

Images: Giphy (19); Amazon; Polyvore (26)