Quotes About Josh Murray From Andi Dorfman's Book Have Caused Controversy

Never underestimate the power of a lady who's found an outlet for her voice. Andi Dorfman went through a few very public breakups, first on The Bachelor and then on The Bachelorette. Then she wrote about them in her tell-all book It's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After. According to The Huffington Post, Andi described her book as "anti self help," saying it's "everything you're not supposed to do in a breakup." The book delves into her various relationships, including that with the winner of The Bachelorette, and the book's quotes about Josh Murray do not hold back on the accusations.

Josh has denied all of Andi's claims. "I can't comment on specific things in any kind of book that my ex has written, because it's a fictional story," he said on Bachelor in Paradise. "There's stuff that's so ludicrous; how do you comment on stuff like that?"

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While the book covers multiple relationships Andi has had, it goes into great detail about Josh and their alleged problems. Andi's main claim against him is that he was emotionally and verbally abusive:

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She then went on to make these claims:

Andi also claims that these "actions" with Nick (aka sleeping with him in the Fantasy Suite) upset Josh, especially after Andi had initially kept the dirty details from him:

Again, Josh has denied that Andi's book is true. Shortly after that denial, Andi tweeted that she is sticking by her words.

While Andi's book makes a great number of claims, it's difficult to know exactly what went down between the two in private. Only she and Josh fully know this. And probably Chris Harrison, because he is the godfather of The Bachelor world. Will we ever get Josh's side? Maybe one day he'll write a tell-all of his own.