Netflix Has Become The Stuff Of Childhood Dreams

by Emily Lackey

Does anyone else feel like Netflix is slowly but surely becoming the streaming service of all our collective childhood dreams? Any time I am feeling slightly nostalgic or sick or sad, Netflix has become my go-to for some really good comfort watches. And I’m not talking about the shows and movies that have been made in the last few years: When it comes to what’s going to make me feel better when I feel ready to do some serious marathoning, the only that will cut it are the really good childhood throwbacks that you can stream on Netflix. So when I heard that Netflix had signed on to CBC’s remake of Anne of Green Gables, I was pretty much convinced that Netflix has become a thing of my childhood dreams. With such amazing throwbacks littering the main page, Netflix is very quickly becoming my favorite place to find childhood classics and amazing remakes.

Just look at some of these classic throwback shows and movies that are available to stream right now on Netflix. They make for the perfect solution to bad days, bad colds, bad breakups, and pretty much any other bad thing that can happen to a person. Watch them one at a time or all together, and you’ll have yourself one heck of a throwback marathon, the likes of which will get you through any tough time.

The Little Rascals

Please tell me I’m not the only one who watched this on repeat as a child, trying to perfect that amazing cowlick with a bottle of styling gel?

Yours, Mine, & Ours

At least your childhood wasn’t this chaotic, and hopefully your adulthood isn’t either.


I don’t know about you, but I definitely spent my childhood watching this show on my best friend’s futon. Imagining all of the boys in our lives as aliens made way more sense than imagining them as actual people.

Fuller House

See what Stephanie, DJ, and Kimmy are all up to in this series based on the original favorite. Look for Season 2 soon, too!

Gilmore Girls

While we all wait for the Gilmore Girls revival to grace the streaming service in late November, we can revisit all of amazing cups of coffee, books read, and town meetings from Stars Hollow.


Because Friends will always be there for you, especially now that all seasons are available on Netflix.

The Office

Though it was not exactly made for children, this television series still defined so many of our early years. Plus it’s a guaranteed good time for any throwback marathon.

Mean Girls

Ah, high school. Thank goodness we can all relive it with a little bit of humor and whole lot more perspective.

Girl Meets World

Another awesome ‘90s reboot, this throwback will bring you right to the world that you grew up watching. Or, rather, the next generation of it.

And just think: This list will only continue to grow in awesomeness as the Anne of Green Gables remake gets added to the list.

Image: PBS, Giphy (9)