Hanna & Noel May Have A Deadly Face-Off On 'PLL'

Hanna Marin has long been a fan favorite on Pretty Little Liars, but she's set to go rogue in the Aug. 23 episode, "The Wrath of Kahn." How dark could the show's resident one-liner queen go, though? Could Hanna actually kill Noel Kahn?

It's not as impossible as you might think. All of the Liars have had a tough go of it under A.D.'s new reign of terror, but you could definitely make a case that Hanna's had it worst (though Alison could certainly give her a run for her money). Between being tortured in an abandoned barn, breaking off her engagement, getting fired, and last but not least, riding the line between vehicular manslaughter and murder, Hanna's certainly had a rough go of it. The torture flashbacks make it clear that she's far from recovered from her traumatic experiences, which could make her character act in extreme ways we're not used to. Could murdering Noel Kahn really be her next step, though?

Horrible and creepy as the guy may be (personally, I'll never get over that time he hid under a sheet in an abandoned cabin and surprised Spencer), it's tough to imagine Hanna killing him — although, that's certainly what the episode promo seems to hint at.

As we all know, promos can be misleading (especially where Red Herring Central, aka Rosewood, is concerned), but it's definitely worth a closer look. First off, there's the opening clip of Hanna filming a confessional, where she talks about "finishing what I need to do," which certainly seems ominous in its own right.

Then, there's the scene where we see Noel threatening her — she accuses him of murdering Sara, while he counters by cautioning her, "You could end up just like her." Now, regardless of the whole "possibly purposefully running Rollins down with her car" thing, Hanna's not exactly a hardened killer — but if it came down to life or death between her and Noel? Well, I think we can all safely agree that Hanna could take care of herself. And with Mrs. Grunwald's frightening assertions about her safety last week, as well as her nightmares about Caleb, Hanna might be taking extreme measures to protect herself and her one true love (sorry, Spencer).

Finally — and perhaps most damning of all — there's the fact that we see Hanna standing over someone with a baseball bat, saying in a cold, cold voice, "It's over." It's hard to explain that clip in any way that doesn't involve physical violence, especially when you add it together with all the pieces in the trailer listed above, and how shady Hanna acted in "Exes and OMGs." Not to mention the fact that the episode is actually titled "The Wrath of Kahn."

Even after all that, it's still tough to imagine Hanna killing someone, even if that someone happens to be Noel Kahn. But Pretty Little Liars may show us a very different side of her before Season 7A comes to an end.

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