7 Hand Lotions With SPF To Protect Your Mitts

As the summer ends, it's important to continue to have an SPF in your foundation or moisturizer, and just like you shield your face from the sun, your hands actually need the same protection. You probably don't have your hands in mind when applying sunscreen, but there's actually hand lotions with SPF so that you can protect them from premature wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Even though you should moisturize right after you shower, reapplying hand lotion with SPF throughout the day will ensure complete protection, especially if you're driving during a hot afternoon. According to a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 53 percent of skin cancers occur on the left side of the body, which just happens to be driver's side of the car.

If you're going to be driving for long hours for a summer road trip before the summer ends, you might want to find a hand cream or lotion to not only moisturize dry hands but to protect them from UV rays.

I've already heard about hand fillers to prevent wrinkles in your hands, but in case you don't want to go that far to protect yourself against wrinkles, finding an effective SPF hand cream is the next best beauty hack.

Here are some of the best lotions with SPF you can buy to ensure your fingers and palms are protected:

1. Hand MD Daily Hand Renewal

Daily Hand Renewal, $19.99,

Hand MD's specific anti-aging formula includes vitamin B3, turmeric, caffeine, and niacin amide that help improve skin cell repair and protect against free radical damage.

2. Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream, $14.99,

Just like you would protect your face from dark aging spots, you can protect your hands with this hand cream that includes shea butter.

3. Jane Iredale Hand Drink Hand Cream

Jane Iredale Hand Drink Hand Cream, $29,

Hydrate your hands with this grease-free formula.

4. Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream

Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream, $12,

Your hands will be looking bright and forever young with this SPF 40 hand cream.

5. Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream

Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream, $29.50,

Clinique's special hand cream formula specifically aims to protect against dark spots and helps create a more even skin tone for your hands.

6. Rich Girl Broad Spectrum Hand Cream

Rich Girl Broad Spectrum Hand Cream, $28,

This hand cream from Deborah Lippman is made with avocado and jojoba oil and includes SPF 25.

7. Eve Lom Hand Cream

Eve Lom Hand Cream, $35,

Infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, edelweiss, and kokum butter, this hand cream will soften fine lines for younger-looking hands.

Images: Studio Firma/Stocksy; Courtesy of Brands (7)