An FDA-Approved Filler For Hands Now Exists

What's the big deal with aging? Everywhere I look, there's a serum for forehead wrinkles, a night time cream for restoring collagen, and a filler to prevent facial sinking. Now, we've entered new territory, as the FDA just approved an injectable filler for your hands. Does it ever end?

Called Radiesse, it first started as a filler for smile lines back in 2006, but it seems like they've got a new purpose. To test the filler's effects, over 100 patients tried the new product over the course of an entire year. Trials were held all around the country, and the results were nearly unanimous: 98 percent of users claimed they saw an improved appearance.

What makes it so effective on your hands? The filler is "milk in color and opaque," according to Allure, making it effective in hiding veins after injecting it in a "fanning" motion. As with most fillers, you'll want someone very experienced to continue with the procedure. The price tag for this particular service runs from $800 to $1,200, Bruce Katz, a dermatologist who participated in the study told Allure. Most patients needed one or two syringes "per hand per treatment."

The difference with this filler lies in its ability to look "normal" quickly. While fat injections may cause swelling and bruising for weeks, Radiesse users can have "normal" looking hands in a week. According to Katz, it's ideal because of its minimal side effects.

With the recent surge of embracing aging (think Joan Didion for Céline), it seems like this new procedure is just setting us back. However, whatever you do to your body is your choice. All I'm saying is, I'm going to keep smiling (I'm not afraid of you, mouth lines) and embrace the grays (hello, #grannyhair trend).