Lena Dunham's 'Saturday Night Live' Lost Beyoncé Dance Routine Sketch is All Too Real

Well if this isn't exactly like 90% of the "hey wanna see this dance I learned?"-based conversations I've had in my life! In a just-released unaired sketch from this past weekend's Lena Dunham-hosted Saturday Night Live , Vanessa Bayer, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant recreate what far too many girls are likely to have encountered at one point in their life. That day your friend "learns" a "dance" to a song and wants to show it off. Clearly, hilarity ensues.

After queuing up Beyoncé's song "Partition" on Bryant's phone, Bayer deadpans her way through a hilarious attempt to recreate the dance that she was taught at her Equinox hip hop dance class earlier in the day. Though the ladies are clearly less than enthused — and already deep into a conversation about Dunham's HBO show, Girls — that doesn't stop her from her, uh, I guess we'll call that trying to dance? After receiving a bit of push back from the ladies, Bayer gets temperamental. "Can you just like, shut up, guys, because I'm going to do the dance. Just like, be an audience. OK."

We don't want to give the whole of the sketch away — it's much better when it's experienced in all its all-too-real glory — but some choice lines come at the end (to say nothing of McKinnon's interpretation of Bey's other song, "Drunk in Love"). Particularly when Bryant quips, "No arms at all?" To which Dunham follows up with a "She didn't teach you anything to do with your arms? This is Beyoncé's dance?" It's just, well, gold, really. We're sort of sad it didn't make it to air, but we're glad we have it here and now.


Image: NBC