Jimmy Kimmel's Hillary Clinton Interview Featured Balloon Drops So You Can Relive The DNC's Most Joyous Moment

Do you remember what happened the night Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party's presidential nominee? She gave a speech in which she discussed her family, her career, and her plan for the country. She denounced Donald Trump's bigotry, and thanked Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for running a campaign that engaged so many young people in politics. And last but not least, she got really excited about balloons — along with everyone from her husband to Tim Kaine — and thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, Clinton and the balloons had a beautiful reunion on Monday night.

Well, not the exact same balloons that dropped onto the Democratic National Convention stage — that would be rather difficult to recreate. After a declaration from Kimmel that he was going to be the next vice president of the United States, some red, white, and blue balloons fell from the ceiling, and Clinton brought out her memorable "balloon face" again. "Take one of these home to Bill," Kimmel told Clinton, laughing.

He was, of course, referring to her husband's reaction to the balloons at the DNC. The former president caught one of the huge balloons — and kept it. "It seemed like he had seen balloons for the first time," Kimmel said. But he wasn't the only one.

"We were all pretty excited about the balloons," Clinton told him. "That's one of the things that I love about my husband, is that he enjoys so many things and balloons is one of them." Clinton also told Kimmel that they took a balloon home so they could play with their granddaughter, Charlotte.

In honor of the balloons' return, let's take a look back at some of the best moments from the balloon party at the DNC.

And of course, we can't forget about this video of the moment Bill Clinton met his new balloon friend and decided to never let it go.

Balloons may seem like a trivial thing to focus on, but after a primary season that seemed like it lasted a decade, it was refreshing for balloons to be what everyone was talking about.

Besides, Jimmy Kimmel is apparently going to be vice president, so it sounds like there are more balloons where those came from. In Kimmel's words, "Sorry @TimKaine - you're out and I'm in."