Jimmy Kimmel Just Can't Be Vice President

Tim Kaine is out of the presidential race — at least if Jimmy Kimmel is to be believed. According to Kimmel himself, Hillary Clinton's vice presidential pick is history and he's going to be replaced by none other than the famous talk show host himself. On a Monday, Aug. 22 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Clinton and Kimmel discussed Kaine's qualifications for the position, and Kimmel poked fun at Kaine's pure, unadulterated dad-ness.

"When you were deciding who your running mate would be, at any point, did anyone mention my name?" Kimmel asked Clinton. The presidential nominee, ever the diplomat, responded to the comedian's question: "I want you to know we took you very seriously. ... you were on the list."

Kimmel riffed on Kaine for a few minutes: "It's not too late to dump Timmy and get Jimmy on, you know what I'm saying?" he asked. But Clinton didn't yield — she cited Kaine's tenure as senator, governor, and mayor as well as his impressive electoral record (he's never lost an election; that's a good omen).

Kimmel came up with a list of pros and cons to show Clinton why he should replace Kaine as her running mate. "He seems like the kind of guy who would have a belt clip for his cellphone," Kimmel deadpanned. "He will definitely do the Macarena at your inauguration. ... I have a feeling he'll show up wearing Crocs at some State Department dinner."

Clinton's response? Kaine may carry his phone on a belt clip, but he's also "well regarded ... respected and successful" — plus, she plans on doing the Macarena at her inauguration, and Crocs are really comfortable.

Although Kimmel and Clinton were goofing around, this segment does point to a phenomenon that has followed the Clinton campaign since the primaries: the notion that Clinton somehow isn't cool among millennials, and that her running mate isn't cool, either.

But here's the thing: Clinton and Kimmel are proving that presidential candidates don't need to be cool. They may be a little out of touch when it comes to footwear or knowing where to carry your cell phone (just put it in your pocket; no belt clips necessary) — but they've got bigger things to worry about, like winning an election.

When it comes down to it, Clinton is cool enough to poke fun at herself and her campaign. She's cool enough to pick a vice president whose qualifications speak for themselves, and she's cool enough to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! while the rest of us are watching from home.

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube